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Holding drinks provide additional energy alternatives

DATE:  2018-12-01 01:49:52 PM

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The Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater has begun providing new and additional alternatives to rationalize energy and electricity consumption at water and wastewater plants, to confront the energy bill and burdens borne by water companies, which reach 6 billion pounds annually. ‏

This comes as the holding company confirmed that the company’s plan to save energy and electricity depends primarily on new technologies, which will be used in water and sanitation projects and electricity-saving pumps, in addition to saving energy from biogas projects, in addition to accelerating the international quality program and obtaining a large number of One of the stations is TSM certified.

Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, President of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater, confirmed that in line with the state’s policy of supporting energy conservation and raising the efficiency of the drinking water and wastewater sector, the Holding Company for Drinking Water, with the support of the Drinking Water and Wastewater Management Program, adopted the energy conservation program and building the capabilities of engineers. And qualify them for the American International Certificate as Energy Reference Manager, in order to create sustainable competencies and support human capacity building to ensure business continuity and implement energy rationalization projects.

Raslan added that the program succeeded in qualifying 55 electrical engineers in the field of energy conservation, and qualifying 32 of them to obtain the American accreditation certificate, and a number of them were honored.

Dr. Ahmed Moawad, Vice President of the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater, opened the final workshop for the managers’ preparation program
Energy, which was implemented by the German Development Cooperation Water and Sanitation Management Program to provide technical support to the holding company and its subsidiaries to build the capabilities of energy engineers in the water sector.

The Vice President of the Holding Company explained that the debt of water companies is estimated at 6 billion pounds in favor of electricity, which reflects the importance of implementing the energy consumption rationalization program to reduce expenses and improve the performance of companies, noting that 175 drinking water and wastewater stations have obtained the Technical Sustainable Development Certificate (TSM), and we aim during the coming period to increase The number of stations that have obtained it is 220, and these stations are managed in an optimal manner, technically and administratively, with regard to the energy field.

He pointed to the successful models of some subsidiaries for producing electricity from sewage treatment plants, such as the Sakha station in Kafr El-Sheikh and the Jabal Al-Asfar station, and the use of sludge in the production of methane gas as one of the energy sources.

Dr. Maha Khallaf, Director of the German GIZ Project, said: This qualification is the result of the continuous training and hard work of energy engineers in the subsidiaries and the holding company, to become qualified to study and present projects that rationalize and improve energy use in the drinking water and wastewater sector.

She added that the project currently finances and implements 3 energy rationalization projects in Menoufia, Sohag and Luxor companies, at a cost of approximately 3 million pounds, one of which specializes in generating electricity through solar energy.


Quoted from Al-Ahram Evening Newspaper website