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Human Resources Sector Achievements

DATE:  2017-12-09 12:47:01 PM

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Our policy is between interest and development

Accountant / Yasser Saber, Head of the Human Resources Sector

 The achievements of the departments of the human resources sector at the Alexandria Drinking Water Company included the vision of Mr. Eng. Ahmed Gaber Shehata - Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the necessity of making the sector’s policy and mission based on the axis of interest and development of the company’s human capital at the same time. During the previous period from April to December 2017, we appointed some general managers after passing the career path courses by the holding company, and after presenting it to the Board of Directors, the appointment of the General Manager of Administrative Affairs, the General Manager of Human Resources Development, and the General Manager of the Office were approved. The technician and general manager reviewed the revenues of Central and East in accordance with the provisions of the articles of the employee regulations, and an incentive bonus was disbursed to each of the gentlemen who obtained postgraduate studies and a number of distinguished employees, numbering 519 in various job groups, in accordance with the rules of the employee affairs regulations and the rules of the Board of Directors. The decision was issued including granting employees incentive bonuses and keeping files. The service is for notifying each worker of granting the bonus.

In view of the urban expansion in Alexandria Governorate and the increase in the number of citizens to whom the company provides its services, and out of an effort to increase the quality of the service hoped to be provided to citizens, amendments were made to the company’s organizational structure by creating some new departments.

Accordingly, the technical support sector was divided into the planning and studies sectors and the projects sector, and the General Administration for Information Technology was created, the maintenance of elevators and fire alarms was created, in addition to the creation of the electronic portal and electronic archive departments, the division of the West and South Customer Service Department into two separate departments, and the division of the Community Participation Department into the East and Central and others into the West and South. .

In addition, the sector decided to create grades to promote workers (1619 grades) in various job groups on 1/15/2017, and a decision was issued including the promotion of workers to higher grades and keeping service files to notify each worker of promotion. A number of 7 grades were also created to promote employees to the senior level with the rank of general manager in various functional groups according to the completion of the interim period.

New appointments knocked on the doors of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company:-

- Pursuant to the decision of the Board of Directors of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, unified employment procedures were approved by the holding company, and as a result, an announcement was initially made on the company’s website according to the needs of the sectors in the various jobs. Accordingly, an urgent meeting was held in the next stage for all heads of staff. The sectors and some general managers, headed by Mr. Eng. Ahmed Jaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, to discuss how to manage the situation in a thoughtful manner to achieve the elements of transparency, integrity, and organization to manage the committees optimally.

The meeting resulted in several recommendations, including preparing a bank of scientific, simplified and comprehensive questions, identifying chairs and members of committees for engineers, chemists, accountants, lawyers, technicians, drivers, craftsmen, and security personnel, along with developing a plan to organize committee management to save 90% of the time by determining the locations of exam halls, preparing them, and setting official dates for exams. In addition to informing the department head of each committee by sending official letters for the purpose of cooperating with the security authorities to prevent any human gatherings that affect the national security of the Alexandrian community. Mr. Engineer Ahmed Jaber gave his instructions to exclude the qualifications of the 2017 graduates because they obtained the qualification certificate before the date of the job advertisement, and he stressed that priority should be given to qualifications with high ratings and those holding a master’s and doctorate. He called on His Excellency to make a notice on the company’s website to adhere to the test dates and to commit to attendance according to the announced schedule, provided that the attendance of the individual being examined is individual and personal, and if there is any companion within the committee, he will be excluded.

Mr. Engineer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, recommended that drivers’ tests include proficiency in reading and writing, that their external appearance be decent, and that a drug addiction analysis test certificate be presented. With regard to security personnel, His Excellency specified the necessity of selecting 90% of applicants who have a physically fit appearance in accordance with the standards of the profession. At the end of the meeting, His Excellency stated the possibility of providing another opportunity to test those who missed the job advertisement in order to prevent providing any justifications for their non-attendance that would raise rumors.