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Commercial insult to a national product

DATE:  2016-12-07 10:18:00 AM

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Private companies operating in the field of water treatment and selling water filters have been conducting a deceptive practical experiment in front of citizens in gathering places such as clubs - supermarkets - mosques - churches, using an electrolysis device consisting of two electrodes in the form of a pen, a positive electrode and another negative electrode to make a closed circuit. Placing the poles in water containing a percentage of dissolved salts completes the electrical circuit and an ionic chemical reaction occurs for the electrode used with the dissolved water salts, forming a group of sediments that differ in color and density depending on the type of metal used as a pole and on its interaction with the existing salts, and therefore it is natural for sediments to form with natural water These sediments are not formed in the case of using distilled water free of dissolved salts.
These companies have been using this scientific feature to intimidate citizens to use the element of surprise and the public's lack of knowledge of such facts, and to convince citizens of the unfitness of drinking water because it contains a huge amount of sediment; Which offends an important national product in Alexandria and all the cities of the Republic.

knowing that..
The devices promoted by these companies are devices that produce distilled water free of ionically balanced salts that the body needs to carry out vital functions, which exposes the health of users of these devices to long-term damage. We do not know if these devices have a license from the relevant ministries and the Supreme Committee for Water.

And on that..
The Alexandria Drinking Water Company calls upon the citizens to cooperate with it to combat this fraud and deceit by these companies, in addition to their mistreatment of a national product that is subject to round-the-clock monitoring from the company's laboratories, as well as periodic and continuous follow-up from the Ministry of Health's laboratories to ensure that the water produced conforms to the Egyptian and international standard specifications. .