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Integrity Support Program

DATE:  2018-02-27 10:17:11 AM

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Integrity Support Program


Definition of Integrity Support:

Integrity in the drinking water sector means the honesty of people in managing and using water resources in a sustainable way.

Integrity support management vision

That the Alexandria Drinking Water Company be the leading company in applying the principles of integrity among all utility companies in the Arab world

Integrity support management message

Enhancing the performance of all sectors that serve the drinking water and wastewater sector, which are based on legal compliance, the application of laws and regulations, and the removal of obstacles in front of officials that may affect their ability to perform their job duties, while developing preventive measures that support integrity, protecting the company from any non-compliant actions, supervising their implementation, promoting and disseminating Good moral behavior and maintaining the highest standards of personal and professional integrity in all stages of work

Integrity support management objective

Developing "preventive" measures based on risk analysis to bridge the gaps, if any, and prevent any deviations, abuses, or corruption from occurring before they occur, which ensures proper workflow, which will be reflected in the quality of work, increased revenues, and the proper utilization of resources, which will lead to the development of overall performance. for the company

Principles of Integrity Support Management:
Transparency: It means that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.
Accountability: It means that both the individual and the institution are responsible for their actions and are held accountable for them.
Participation: It means that everyone seriously participates in determining how the company's resources are used, protected, and managed


The role of the Integrity Support Department:

Establish preventive measures.
Preparing to select the processes for which integrity support procedures are required.
Participate in the selection of the work team based on clear criteria and carry out training in the various stages.
Define an action plan to analyze the risks of non-compliance to which integrity is exposed.
Follow up the work teams to ensure that the meetings are implemented in accordance with the work plan and to ensure risk analysis procedures.
Senior management approval of integrity support procedures.
Develop an operational action plan.
Coordination between the work team and the executors of the procedures before implementation.
Approval of plans by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and follow-up implementation in accordance with the plan set.

Non-compliance risks:

Waste of the company's financial resources.
Decreased confidence in government facilities.
Declining levels of social justice, which negatively affects the affiliation of workers.
Drawing a negative mental image of the company as a result of the poor quality of services provided to customers.
Forms of incompetence:

Bribery - speeding money - collusion - misuse of company resources - fraud - extortion - abuse of freedom of action - nepotism and favoritism - formation of rules - interests

Management strength points
Continuous support from the senior management represented by Mr. Engineer / Chairman of the Board of Directors, Managing Director and leaders.

- Continuous training from the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater, and allowing the exchange of experiences between subsidiaries through effective workshops.

Technical support from GIZ.

- The presence of a strong administrative system and an advanced system of regulations.

Having a strong financial structure.

Having good competitive skills.

Having a strong work team.

Processes that implement Integrity Support Measures b e

Stealth connections.
Meter reading.
Maintenance of home connections
Performance evaluation.


The meetings of Mr. Eng. Ahmed Jaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, with those concerned with the implementation plans:





The training process to raise the efficiency of surreptitious employees, meter readers and collectors