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Dealing with a prepaid meter

DATE:  2021-01-27 12:38:08 PM

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Instructions for dealing with a prepaid meter
To carry out any operation on the card, you must put the card inside the counter and press the red button (read) only once before coming to the charging centers on the same date of the day. (shipping, change of ownership, inquiry,,,)
After charging, the card must be placed inside the counter and press the red button only once to download the balance.
To know the remaining balance inside the meter, you must put the card inside the meter and press the red button 3 times in a row.
To find out the number of meters consumed during the period, you must press the red button 6 times in a row, and the consumption is calculated at the end of each month.
There is a monthly service sustainability for domestic activity, the value of which varies according to the consumption segment and varies according to the type of activity, and accounting is carried out according to the tariff approved by the Council of Ministers and published in the Official Gazette
When the recharge balance reaches 20% of the value of the last recharge, the water is doubled for warning, and the card is placed in the counter, and the red button is pressed only once, and you must recharge in order to continue the service again
In the event that the balance runs out during the official holidays, the water will not be cut off, and the valve will remain open during the holiday period.
Shipping is carried out from its shipping centers or any shipping center of the water company.
The service of charging water cards has been activated by Fawry (service code 575).