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Achievements of the technology and digital services sector

DATE:  2022-03-07 10:04:36 AM

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Achievements of the technology and digital services sector

Engineer/ Mustafa Al-Sayed

Head of the technology and digital services sector

General Administration of Information Technology

Software management

-Creation completed:

A system to automate the work cycle of the General Administration of Legal Affairs.
A course to standardize titles in a system in the General Warehouse Administration.
A program for reading meters using QR.
A system for automating the laboratory sector.
Management system for meter maintenance workshop and data migration from the old system.
Create a program to print the QR using an alternative database for the commercial sector.
-Supervising the operation of current programs for the commercial and financial sector and ensuring their stability

Infrastructure management

The internal network of the Technical Secondary School of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company was designed and its implementation was supervised.
The Discussion System was installed for board and Zoom meetings in the board room at the main center.
Operating the network for customer service vehicles, including APN devices as well as Internet routers.
The Firewall was upgraded, a load distributor was installed in the information center at the main center and Al-Nuzha, and the HA system was operated at the main center in order to increase the efficiency of the firewall and the stability of the work of the information network.
16 firewall devices were installed and set up in the company’s administrative branches in order to raise the level of protection of the company’s information, improve the performance of the branches’ internal networks, and control the Internet service.
Development of internal networks for computers and telephones in some of the company’s various branches (Nubaria - Mandara - Technical Support Building - (K40) - October 6 - Moharam Bey and Al-Balad - Al-Qabbari - Central Laboratory)
The quality laboratory at Al-Mansheya 2 station was equipped with the installation of an internal exchange and the creation of an internal telephone network.
15 radio devices were purchased and operated in various departments, bringing the total mobile radio to 152 devices.
Approximately 25 photocopiers were purchased for the work of various departments, bringing the total to 56 machines.
Approximately (30) meetings were prepared (general assembly and board of directors meeting of the company, school and TSM).

Computer technical support management

The company was provided with (345 computers, bringing the total to approximately 2,700 devices, 137 printers and scanners, bringing the total to 1,700, and 3 servers, in order to maintain the stability of the various work systems for follow-up and control, as well as taking backup copies).
Implementing maintenance, operation, repairing faults, and solving problems, whether software or hardware, for computers, printers, scanners, servers, and storage units for all the company’s various sectors and departments for a number of more than (60) locations from Abu Qir in the east to the city of Nubaria, 80 km south, and Burj Al Arab to the west. To maintain the stability of the work system.
The technical school is equipped and equipped with the latest computers and interactive screens.
Al Maraghi Port and a number of external outlets are equipped with the latest computers.
Providing the necessary anti-virus programs to protect devices (servers, users), as well as preparing and monitoring anti-virus servers and their licenses.
Providing 200 Handheld devices for use in implementing the meter reading system

Contracting with banks and electronic payment companies to implement the electronic payment system for consumption bills, whether in cash or by bank cards, in order to facilitate citizens.


General Administration of Technical Services

Managing alarms, fire extinguishing, surveillance cameras and elevators

-The following devices have been installed:

84 Total immersion system with CO2 gas
369 Firesearch system.
11 new surveillance camera systems.
Replacing and renewing 6 systems in the branches of (Mandara - Moharam Bey - Kom El-Dikka)
Alarms and cameras for the entire technical school.
- Regular maintenance of all systems is supervised to ensure their efficient operation to protect the facilities.

- Regular maintenance of all the company’s elevators is supervised.


Refrigeration and air conditioning management

-The following devices have been installed:

(40) air conditioners with a capacity of 5 HP.
There are (90) air conditioners with a capacity of 3 HP.
There are (35) air conditioners with a capacity of 2.25 HP.
(26) concealed air conditioners (semi-central).
(7) air conditioning devices at the technical school.

-Periodic maintenance of all devices, including air conditioners, fans, and coolers, is carried out through the company’s maintenance workshop.