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The 125 mobile application provides several advantages, the most important of which is identifying information and news related to the drinking water and sanitation sector, sending notifications to citizens when downloading the application on how to rationalize consumption and maintain sewage networks, sending notifications of planned and unplanned maintenance work, and knowing the timing of water outages to alert Citizens manage their water needs, receive citizens' complaints and respond to them, and the possibility of photographing the place of complaint or breakage and sending it through the application.

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It allows the citizen to add the meter reading and upload the image of the meter, which ensures the accuracy of the readings and accounting for the actual consumption, eliminating the problem of accumulating readings, and making sure that the bill reflects the actual consumption.

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Engineer Ahmed Jaber

Chairman of the Board and Managing Director

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Alexandria Drinking Water Company is the leading company in the field of purification, distribution and supply of pure drinking water to citizens in Alexandria. The company aims to gain the trust of its customers through the use of modern technology to reach the highest levels of performance globally. It also aims to reduce waste by using the latest technologies of maintenance, replacement and renewal. Water rationalization. The company always bears in mind the necessity of gaining the trust of its customers and is keen to upgrade the services it provides to them, always moving towards the best, and feeling the greatness and importance of the responsibility entrusted to it to maintain this trust. .


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