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Items for preparing the meter location

DATE:  2021-08-01 11:49:11 AM

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Items for preparing the meter location (mechanical - prepaid)

Please prepare a suitable place to install the mechanical meter or a prepaid meter before the arrival of the technician, provided that he takes into account the following conditions:

The place for the meter shall be prepared by the subscriber and at his expense, and the place designated for the meter shall be within a suitable place that is easily accessible.
The meter battery must be at least 1 meter off the ground.
Taking into account the differences in distances in the installation of connections from the battery to the possibility of installing more than one meter in the same place.
Consider installing the meter in an upright, horizontal position.
Taking into account the existence of a space for the length of the connection used in the installation (28 cm).
In the case of installing a water motor, the motor must be installed after the meter, with a distance of not less than 3 meters.
In case the meter is installed on the upper battery (tank), an umbrella is provided to protect the meters from weather conditions.
The installation of a non-return stopcock shall be taken into account to protect the meter from the return of hot water so as not to damage it.