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Commercial sector achievements

DATE:  2022-05-28 01:14:51 PM

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Commercial sector achievements

Dr. Amir  Hijab

Head of the commercial sector

The commercial sector is the beating heart of the company, as it is responsible for collecting the company’s sales. Therefore, there is an urgent necessity to continue developing the work system in the sector in order to improve their mental image by raising the level of institutional performance and spreading the culture of quality services among government sectors, which has a positive effect on increasing collections. The company to fulfill its obligations.
In this context, the commercial sector looks forward to playing a strategic role to keep pace with global developments and the programs and plans that our esteemed company aims for, with the aim of contributing to supporting strategic planning and supporting decision-making in the company by focusing on aspects related to development and ways to achieve it in all activities in the sector’s areas.
From this standpoint, the commercial sector has recently made great progress through work on several axes, the most important of which are:
1)    Developing the meter system.
2)    Developing the customer service system and hotline.
3)    Increase the company’s collections.
4)    Using technological development and updating the programs used in the sector.
5)    Qualifying and training human cadres and developing their capabilities.

First: Developing the meter system
    Implementing the prepaid meter system after holding several meetings with officials of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Sanitation and officials of the company supplying the meters.
Some of these meters were implemented and installed at the governorate level, and Alexandria Company became the leading company in implementing this system at the corporate level.
    Smart meters were installed for 16 factories that send readings remotely through GRPS technology.
    Developing an application on handheld devices and on the mobile phones of readers and conductors to ensure obtaining actual readings using the GBS geographical location barcode feature.
Second: Developing the customer service system and hotline
A good link between the handling of complaints, their follow-up and their filing
•    Unifying the complaints program at the level of external and internal ports, located within the database of the NTS commercial sector program, in order to make it possible to receive complaints anywhere in the governorate.
•    Developing internal and external customer service outlets
Most of the customer service outlets in the commercial branches have been developed to give a unified identity to all the outlets, such as the Abu Qir - Mandara - Sidi Bishr - Al-Raml - Moharram Bek and Al-Balad - Al-Ajami and Al-Sahel - Al-Nubaria - Al-Mina - Bashayer Al-Khair outlets, and work is being completed at the Amriya, Nozha and Ibrahimiya branches.
A number of external outlets were also opened with the same unified identity to cover most parts of the governorate. External outlets were established in the Sporting, Al-Ittihad, and Olympic clubs, as well as clubs extending along the shores of Alexandria, such as the Teachers, Engineers, and Doctors Club. The Green Plaza outlet in Smouha and the Iron and Steel Club were also opened.
•    An agreement was reached with M.O.T Company to establish outlets inside railway stations.
•    New services have been developed:
-    Adding a contracting service with customers at their place of residence (delivery service):
-    Contracting with subscribers via WhatsApp or Facebook:
-    Where the customer can send a copy of the documents required for the contract via document scanning (SCAN), and they are sent via the WhatsApp or Facebook application for customer service, and the financial value required to complete the contract is reviewed and determined and sent to the customer with a time set to go to the relevant branch to see the papers. And the original documents for review and payment of the fees due and notified.

-    Receiving customer complaints via WhatsApp:
It receives customer complaints through the WhatsApp program, and complaints are received, researched, and responded to within a maximum of 48 hours from receipt of the complaint, excluding official holidays.
-    Extending working hours at the Mandara and Sidi Bishr branches (evening shift):
As the official working hours start from eight in the morning until three in the evening, and in view of the intensity of transactions and the high intensity of crowding at the Sidi Bishr and Mandara outlets in particular, a night work period was created in the evening shift, where the working hours were extended until seven in the evening at the Sidi Bishr and Mandara outlets in order to facilitate customers and out of concern. To provide services to the largest possible number of customers.

•    A new department was created, namely the Evaluation, Development and Performance Department

In order to ensure the quality of service provided at the level of customer service departments, follow-up departments were created for that department to follow up on the work of the departments (complaints - contracts) and evaluate service performance and time frames.
Three mobile customer service vehicles were provided to make it easier for citizens to reach them in all areas of Alexandria.
•    Hotline achievements:
•    Completing the connection of the hotline program with the company’s mapping department to sign violations and complaints on the maps.
•    Communicating with customers by sending messages with existing fractions according to the customer’s address, warning customers of water outages, and announcing the company’s new services via  WhatsApp.
•    Establish a unit to monitor and follow up on employees’ performance to evaluate performance, submit reports on the evaluation, and link the evaluation results to positive and negative incentives.
•    Linking project management with the hotline program to register replacement and renovation projects and the possibility of linking complaints related to replacement and renovation to the project.
•    Working out a cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Telecom Company. It was contracted to supply the call center system to Avaya.
•    A contract was made to introduce the PRI feature, which will convert eight lines into one line that allows 30 calls to be received at the same time.
•    The VPN hotline was connected within the framework of the cooperation protocol with the Egyptian Telecom Company to connect the hotline to the commercial branches and the company’s main center.
•    Creating a media channel on number 125 where blindness is possible