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Speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

DATE:  2024-01-09 11:09:27 AM

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Speech by the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, Eng. Ahmed Jaber

The Alexandria Drinking Water Company is the leading company in the field of purifying, distributing and supplying citizens with pure drinking water in Alexandria. The company aims to gain the trust of its customers by using modern technology to reach the highest levels of performance globally. It also aims to reduce waste by using the latest technologies of maintenance, replacement and renewal. Water rationalization. The company always keeps in mind the need to gain the trust of its customers, strives to improve the services it provides to them, always strives for the best, and feels the greatness and importance of the responsibility placed on it to maintain this trust. ..
Based on this, the company is committed to the following:
​ - Applying the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 and constantly updating it to meet all customer needs.
- Increasing the ability of employees to excel, innovate, and assume responsibilities by enhancing the spirit of competition and initiative and ensuring continuous training, while maximizing the sense of ownership and commitment that ensures the provision of an effective organizational climate that helps the success of internal operations and achieve the best results.
- Understanding and applying quality systems and procedures for all employees, with periodic review by management for continuous evaluation and improvement
- Understanding and accepting the customer’s needs and requirements and rising to the highest level of customer service
- Spreading the principle of continuous improvement and development throughout the company and not stopping at the level of quality that is achieved, and always being keen to provide an appropriate climate for the company’s employees to achieve this and disseminating the quality policy to all the company’s employees.
- Establishing and implementing quality objectives for the company’s various sectors and reviewing them periodically in accordance with the international quality policy.

                                     Eng. Ahmed Jaber                           

          Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director