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DATE:  2017-09-28 10:41:05 AM

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(You have a complaint and you are not able to come to us. You can submit your complaint and receive a response via phone or WhatsApp))
Just call 125 hotline from any phone or 035815700 hotline from any mobile phone and for WhatsApp service at 01210767877

Call the hotline number 125, where you can listen to all the services provided by the company to the customers
In terms of activating and activating this service, the company has done the following:

Notifying all the executive and public authorities dealing with the company with this service
Notify all visual, print and audio media of this service to take the necessary measures to mention it in their programmes
Recruiting newly graduated youth cadres with higher qualifications and full knowledge of computers to work on the hotline
Preparing educational training courses for them on how to treat the customer, perform the service, and treat the customer well
The hotline has been increased with modern devices that record unanswered phone numbers and record calls in order to follow up the performance of the hotline workers.

Duties and functions of the hotline:
Receive communications and signals 24 hours a day and on an ongoing basis
Recording reports for their type, hour and date of receipt, the informant's phone number in the computer, and the records prepared for that.
To make contact and communicate reports and signals to the concerned authorities of the company and follow them up until the completion of the removal of the reasons for the complaint
Telephone contact with the customer to ensure that the reasons for the complaint are removed
Sending a follow-up report to the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater, including reports received by the hotline on a daily basis, indicating the report, its address, and the procedure completed.



The hotline service aims to achieve customer satisfaction and solve the problems they face through line number 125 24 hours a day to receive complaints from citizens regarding fractures, leakages, interruptions, quality and bills, and work to quickly solve them.
The hotline maintains its leadership among affiliate hotlines for five years in a row