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Savings item - winter offer

DATE:  2018-12-18 12:08:47 PM

شركة مياة الشرب بالاسكندرية - البوابة الالكترونية

Saving item --- Winter offer --- Free delivery

Now save 35% on your bill
With the latest water rationalization system in the world
System definition:
Very simple smart parts that are installed on the end of the faucet or pipe connections that control water pressure by mixing water with air to maximize the benefit from water consumption.

To order the supplied parts, please enter the link below on the company’s website:

Available in the following branches:
Abu Qir branch. 3 Sheikh Muhammad Abdo Abu Qir Street
Mandara branch. The end of the path of leader Gamal Abdel Nasser
Raml Branch. 523 Leader Gamal Abdel Nasser Road
Sporting Club. Club service center
Kom El-Dikka branch and the services complex next to Alexandria Stadium
Moharam Bek branch. Behind the Eastern Tobacco Company
Al-Qabbari Branch. 125 Al-Max Street
Ajami branch. Al Bitash Street
North Coast Branch. Al Bitash Street

During official working hours from 9 am to 3 pm
Make your reservation
System features:
- Saves 35% of your water consumption
It works to control water pressure
Easy to disassemble and install
Safe ingredients that prevent limescale formation
There is no room for bacteria to form
The price is just affordable
200 pounds for four pieces
The price of one piece is only 50 pounds
For reservations and orders, please call the following numbers

Contact :
Or send us a message on the page and we will register your data
We will contact you as soon as possible
Provided by the Alexandria Drinking Water Company