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An expanded campaign to collect arrears from those who have abstained from paying water consumption bills for long periods

DATE:  2019-01-07 10:47:41 PM

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An expanded campaign was launched in front of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, headed by Mr. Engineer/ Ahmed Gaber Shehata, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, Engineer/ Mr. Rayan, Head of the West and North Coast Production and Distribution Sector, and Member of the Company’s Board of Directors, and Dr./ Ahmed Abdel Halim, Head of the Commercial Sector and Accountant/ Mohamed Farouk, Director. General of Central Branches, Accountant/ Reda Helmy, Accountant/ Kamal Abdel Majeed, Director General of the General Administration of Public Relations and Media, Mr. Mamdouh Abdel Gawad, Director of the General Administration of Security, and a committee formed from meter readers, collectors, inspectors, security personnel, and the Awareness and Marketing Departments, Legal Affairs, and Media.
Mr. Eng. Ahmed Jaber stated that: “The committee was formed for the purpose of collecting arrears from subscribers who refrain from paying water consumption bills for long periods and educating commercial shops about the necessity of installing a prepaid commercial meter, in addition to inspecting the meters and conducting a comprehensive survey of the stopped meters in order to take the necessary action towards them.” "
Dr. Ahmed Abdel Halim added: “This campaign aims to recover the company’s dues from citizens and shop owners who abstain from paying accumulated water consumption bills for long periods. He stressed that the Alexandria Water Company will give these abstainers more than one opportunity, while issuing many warnings about the necessity of paying the bills and obtaining a permit.” It can be paid in installments, otherwise the water will be cut off and the meter will be raised.”
The campaign targeted the areas of Al-Ibrahimeya, Cleopatra, Al-Hadra, and Karmouz in the city of Alexandria, where the Awareness Department played its awareness role during the campaign to spread awareness among the people of the necessity of paying debts so that the system can provide better services to the citizen. In addition to spreading the culture of rationalizing water consumption among citizens. The Marketing Department also played an effective role during the campaign, as it was announced the importance of using energy-saving parts in rationalizing water consumption, which resulted in sales and contracts with the Al-Rihani cafeteria chain and the KFC branch in Ibrahimiyya, in addition to educating the people in the Ibrahimiyya and Karmouz areas about the necessity of using energy-saving devices to encourage people to conserve water. Save water from wasting; In addition to reducing the value of the consumption bill.
In implementation of the instructions of Mr. Engineer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, the campaign was divided into groups roaming the streets of each region to carry out the task in the optimal manner, including inspecting meters, collecting debts, and raising awareness of the people. Water was cut off and meters were removed from some properties, and cases of stealthy connections were monitored, which were dealt with legally.
During his tour of Jabal Na'sa in the Karmouz area, Engineer Ahmed Jaber issued instructions on the necessity of making an immediate and comprehensive inventory of Code (9) properties so that fictitious averages are not set and consumption invoices are not issued for properties outside the scope of service, in addition to inventorying the violating properties that were built on the old property column without updating. To file a contract with the company and create a new assessment commensurate with the number of floors constructed; In addition to the number of residents, so that the service is delivered properly and to prevent citizens’ complaints about weak and interrupted water.
At the end of the campaign, a detailed report was presented by the General Manager of the Central Branches to Mr. Engineer, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Head of the Commercial Sector, about the results of the comprehensive survey of the areas targeted by the campaign and what was done after inspecting the meters and the process of inventorying the violating properties, and collecting and paying the debts accumulated for long periods on some properties and commercial stores.
Accordingly, Mr. Engineer Ahmed Jaber indicated the necessity of intensifying and repeating these campaigns during the coming period, with the formation of comprehensive committees composed of members of the commercial sector, including collecting and reading meters, inspectors to recover state dues, and the laboratories sector to inspect the water quality in the targeted areas, engineering to eliminate stealthy connections, examining the condition of networks, and legal affairs to take action. Necessary actions immediately; So that the Alexandria Drinking Water Company can carry out its role in an optimal manner in terms of maintenance and operation, and raising the quality rates of providing services
Better for the Alexandrian community.