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Installing water-saving parts to rationalize drinking water consumption in Al-Montazah Educational Administration schools

DATE:  2019-02-07 11:29:29 AM

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Within the framework of the activities of the session held at the Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels in the Seyouf area, which included a group of stars of Alexandria society, representatives of parliament, and a group of senior officials from various sectors, the city of Alexandria witnessed the launch of a national Egyptian initiative under the auspices of His Excellency Minister Dr. Abdel Aziz Qanswa, Governor of Alexandria, and members of the Capital Club Association, with the participation of a water company. Drinking water in Alexandria under the leadership of Mr. Engineer Ahmed Gaber Shehata, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, in order to install saving parts to rationalize drinking water consumption in the schools of the Montazah Educational Administration and circulating it at the level of schools in Alexandria Governorate. At the beginning of the session, Engineer Mr. Rayan, Head of the West and Coast Production and Distribution Sector, addressed words of thanks and appreciation to the Governor of Alexandria, to the members of the Capital Club Association, and to the distinguished media personality, Amal Sobhi, for adopting the activation of such a national initiative, as many private educational institutions in the city of Alexandria contributed to providing the necessary costs for installing the provided parts and distributing them throughout all sectors. Government schools in the governorate. His Excellency announced the free contribution of the Alexandria Water Company in installing spare parts in schools in order to serve the Alexandria community. Engineer Mr. Rayan explained that the use of saved parts comes within the framework of adopting the state’s strategy to conserve water through the optimal use of resources. He added that the saving parts contribute to rationalizing consumption by up to 35% to 55%, noting that water consumption directly from the tap reaches 12 liters, while it does not exceed 3 liters when using the saving parts.
Accordingly, Ms. Amal Abdel Zaher, former Undersecretary of the Directorate of Education, confirmed that we invest water for our children through saving supplies so that it will bear fruit in their lives in the coming days. Professor Sami Fadl, Director of the Department of Education, added that the Montazah administration is one of the distinguished educational departments in Alexandria in terms of student density, and this will affect the way water is consumed. Therefore, activating the initiative to install saving parts is a truly successful experience to provide a safe water future. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Azzazi, one of the pioneering contributors to activating the initiative, called for the need to spread this culture throughout Alexandria, looking forward to forming a future initiative to identify the model Alexandrian street in rationalizing drinking water consumption through the use of energy-saving plots. He also stressed the necessity of providing a sustainability element to the culture of preserving the water resource against future challenges ahead. Mr. Islam Ali, Director of Marketing Department at Alexandria Water Company, stated that he guarantees the validity of the supplied parts for a long period and promises to provide the necessary spare parts with each part, in addition to the presence of workers for maintenance and installation, while providing training courses at the company’s training center to teach anyone how to install and maintain these parts.
Following the session, the first campaign to install the supplied parts was launched in Ibn Khaldoun, Mrs. Khadija and Omar Makram schools. During the installation process, the Alexandria Water Company supported the campaign with the Seyouf station laboratory team to take water samples and analyze them, after which the engineer, Mr. Rayan, declared to the audience that water quality rates had increased and the resulting negative effects had disappeared. About the winter block.
At the end of the initiative, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Azzazi stated that it is necessary to exploit the opportunity of the presence of positive leaders whose entire goal is to serve the Alexandria community by providing better services to the public. Accordingly, His Excellency agreed to contract another protocol with the Alexandria Drinking Water Company in order to sterilize and disinfect school tanks so that our children can enjoy drinking pure and clean water. .