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Eng. Ahmed Gaber’s participation in the repercussions of the Alexandria National Initiative

DATE:  2019-02-12 11:18:29 AM

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Participation of Engineer/Ahfad Engineer/  Ahmed Gaber Shehata, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, on the sidelines of his participation in a media meeting that he conducted yesterday with his media personality, Amal Sobhi, that he took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the repercussions of the Alexandria National Initiative that was launched at the end of last week at the Higher Institute of Tourism and Hotels in the Seyouf and Wajh area. His Excellency, words of thanks and appreciation to Dr. Ibrahim Al-Azzazi, the owner of the idea, to the members of the Capital Club Association who supported the idea, and to His Excellency the Minister, Dr. Abdel Aziz Qanswa, the first sponsor of this initiative, which aims to activate the concept of rationalizing drinking water consumption in the Alexandrian community in an optimal way.
He added that the initiative created twinning between the sectors of water production and purification, education and endowments, with the aim of spreading the spirit of social responsibility for the prosperity and development of Alexandria, as cooperation took place between all concerned parties to confront the problem of water scarcity at the governorate level by launching campaigns to install saving parts and studying the process of recycling and treating water. Ramadi and its reuse at the level of educational schools and places of worship, including mosques and churches in the Alexandrian community.
Engineer Ahmed Jaber confirmed during the council meeting that he was fully prepared to adopt the mechanisms of the initiative, and it is expected that in the coming days it will be registered in the company’s work plan and followed up to achieve the desired goals in a thoughtful manner. He stated that he would immediately begin implementing the activities of the subject as a first experiment in one of the schools to then be applied at the level of educational institutions in the governorate. In the context of the initiative’s activities, Al-Azzazi signed a cooperation protocol with the Alexandria Water Company to undertake the service of disinfecting and sterilizing tanks in schools so that our children can enjoy drinking pure and clean water, starting from the source of its production in the stations until it reaches the tank. In conclusion, Al-Azzazi extended his words of thanks to Engineer Ahmed Jaber for his quick response in activating the initiative with quick steps and for his good management of the work team, which is distinguished in its performance and good treatment.


Dr. Jaber on the repercussions of the Alexandria National Initiative