DATE:  2019-03-11 11:16:48 AM

شركة مياة الشرب بالاسكندرية - البوابة الالكترونية

Today, the Alexandria Drinking Water Company launches the “Safety, Health, and Professional Competition,” organized by the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater, with the participation of 17 affiliated companies.

The competition aims to evaluate and develop the skills of working in closed spaces to repair valves and pumps and repair and maintain submersible machines, in addition to implementing a simulation to deal quickly and immediately with any defect or leakage resulting from the operation of the chlorine system.

For the third time in a row, Al-Mansheya 2 station is witnessing the launch of the final stage of the competition to evaluate the performance of workers in occupational safety and health, under the patronage of Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, Chairman of the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater, and under the supervision of Engineer Ahmed Gaber Shehata, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, and Dr. Abdel Aziz Qanswa. Governor of Alexandria, in the presence of Dr. Tariq Al-Rifai, Director of the Unified Government Complaints System, and Major General Ali Haridy, Head of the Crisis Sector in the Council of Ministers.