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Eng. Ahmed Jaber attended a meeting to discuss the work of the Science and Industry Committee

DATE:  2019-03-18 12:00:24 PM

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On Saturday, March 16, 2019, Engineer Ahmed Jaber attended a meeting in the Council Hall of the Faculty of Science in Muharram Bey, Alexandria University, to discuss the work of the Science and Industry Committee, in the presence of a group of chairmen of the boards of directors of companies, the head of the teachers’ union, and a group of university professors in the Faculty of Science, headed by Professor Dr. Alaa El-Din Ramadan, Vice President of the University. For community service and environmental development affairs, and Professor Dr. Khalil Ishaq, who is acting as the dean of the college for community service affairs.
The meeting began by giving a brief overview of the College of Science’s developments and its vision, which is to prepare highly qualified cadres to serve the regional and international sector.
Several topics were discussed, most notably the achievements of the Alexandria Sanitation Company and the efforts of the men of the Alexandria Water and Sanitation Company in cooperation with the executive bodies of Alexandria society in confronting the season of floods and storms for the current year so that the bride of the Mediterranean can enjoy a safe and quiet life.
The meeting then touched on the topic of how to confront water scarcity and what is the truth about the issue of water desalination in Alexandria society.
Accordingly, Engineer Ahmed Jaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors, explained that there are 3 main sources of renewable fresh water, which are the Mahmoudiyah and Nubariya Canals and the drinking water canal, and there is a tendency to exploit the Rakta Canal. Based on the state’s directives to allow three coastal governorates to treat and desalinate seawater, including Matrouh Governorate, more than 140,000 cubic meters of water that was supplied by the Alexandria Water Company will be provided to Matrouh Governorate. In the long term, water poverty will be confronted by making use of groundwater, especially in the southern regions of Alexandria Governorate, where work has been done. A study on drilling wells to benefit from fresh groundwater. There are studies on other ways to confront water scarcity, for example: activating awareness campaigns and spreading the culture of installing water-saving parts. An initiative was held with the Ministry of Education and more than 100 schools were completed, in addition to universities and places of worship, in addition to implementing a recycling experiment. Gray water started at the Zohour School. We also set out to save 5% of the water used for washing filters and pipes by recycling and utilizing it.
The meeting ended by developing the necessary recommendations to support the process of knowledge linking between industry institutions and the university so that intelligent communication takes place between all parties concerned in Alexandria society. It was agreed to determine the next working paper to activate proposals to solve the problems of Lake Mariout.