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A field tour by the Chairman of the Board of Directors to inspect the conditions and progress of work

DATE:  2019-03-18 12:46:25 PM

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Yesterday, Sunday, 3-17-2019, Mr. Engineer / Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company and Managing Director, made a surprise field tour of the administrative and engineering branch and the customer service outlets in Mandara and Raml to follow up on the progress of work in all departments, monitor all real-world situations, and monitor the performance of employees. In addition to dealing directly with customers and listening to their complaints.
During his tour, Engineer Ahmed Jaber instructed the workers in the Archives Department to expedite the preservation of paper files, arrange them, and record them electronically in accordance with the agreed-upon controls in order to preserve customer data. He also asked the workers in the Audit Department to present reports on the latest commercial transactions to His Excellency in order to ensure that work is progressing smoothly. Fine.
His Excellency followed up on the work conditions at the Mandara lift, then went to the hotline and inquired about the latest complaints reported regarding fractures or water outages. It turned out that there was only one complaint in the Sharqi region and it was dealt with as required.
He ended his tour by visiting the training center for the purpose of checking on the second stage of the career path tests for general managers. His Excellency participated in a training course on time management and the foundations of proper dealing with the client. Engineer Ahmed Jaber recommended the necessity of activating everything that is theoretical and clarifying how to apply it on the ground in the professional field in order to benefit from human energies in all paths of work at the Alexandria Water Company. Then he explained some of the main points regarding the principles of dealing with customers to open the doors of research and knowledge for the trainees. . His Excellency visited all the training halls and inspected them, then held a meeting with the Director General of Training and the work team to discuss the development plan regarding modernizing the training halls to suit the latest developments and professional developments.
at the end ; Engineer Ahmed Jaber held an urgent meeting for all sector heads and general managers in the production, distribution and project sectors in order to develop the necessary proposals to deal with chlorine units and agree on the necessary preventive principles to protect workers and citizens in the areas surrounding the stations in accordance with occupational safety and health standards.