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Celebrating World Water Day at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

DATE:  2019-03-26 02:12:33 PM

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In light of the activities of Water Week, World Water Day was celebrated today at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, under the patronage of His Excellency Minister Abdel Aziz Qanswa, Governor of Alexandria. The event brings together the drinking water and wastewater companies under one umbrella.
Based on the directives of Mr. Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, Chairman of the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater; The city of Alexandria and all governorates across the Republic witnessed the inauguration of Water Week in order to attract citizens’ attention to the importance of preserving a drop of water.
In the presence of
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Gamal. Deputy Governor of Alexandria
Prof. Dr. Alaa Ramadan, Vice President of Alexandria University
Dr. Mukhtar Youssef, Vice President of the University for Graduate Studies and Research
Eng. Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company
Eng. Mahmoud Nafi. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sanitation Company in Alexandria
M/Hisham Saud. President of the Engineers Syndicate
Dr. Essam Wahba. Deputy Dean of Environmental Development and Community Service Affairs, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
Dr. Hossam Maghazi, former Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation,
Prof. Dr. Abdullah Zein El-Din, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University
The World Water Day 2019 celebration was opened by Eng. Ahmed Gaber, President of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, explaining that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s statements at the Youth Conference since 2017 about establishing a new city of Alexandria sparked within him the motivation to follow the same path by developing the necessary plans, strategies, and controls for Developing the company’s approach and policy to keep pace with the developments of the upcoming modern Alexandrian society.
Engineer Ahmed Gaber, President of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, added that the company’s role is not limited to delivering water to the public in the usual way, but rather extends to implementing the slogan of World Water Day for the current year on the ground through sustainable water management to ensure that no Alexandrian citizen is left behind.
The head of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company explained that over the past two years, the company’s efforts have focused on meeting water services for the needs of marginalized groups, through the creation of the Community Participation Department, which in turn cooperated with many charitable societies to contribute to delivering water to deprived areas and alleviating the burden of the most needy families. In the Alexandrian community, he added that the work team succeeded in delivering water to the villages of Abis, Al-Muhajireen, Al-Rahmanah, Al-Hilaliyah, Hawd 7, Al-Hawariya, Khorshid, and Ezbet Al-Muhajireen.
He stressed that the Alexandria Drinking Water Company is now laying the foundation stone for the slogan “Towards an Alexandria that does not suffer from water scarcity” in order to build a safe water future for future generations, pointing out that fresh and renewable water sources have been provided by exploiting the Rakta Canal next to the Mahmoudiyah and Noubaria Canals and the Drinking Water Canal, and Ali Following the state’s directions to allow three coastal governorates to desalinate seawater, including Matrouh Governorate, about 140,000 m3 of fresh water that was supplied by the Alexandria Matrouh Water Company will be provided, which will lead to an increase in the Alexandrian citizen’s share of potable water.

He continued: On the long term, water poverty will be confronted by making use of groundwater, especially on the borders of the southern region of Alexandria Governorate, where the necessary studies have been conducted to drill wells to benefit from artesian water suitable for consumption, in addition to developing other approaches to confront water scarcity by activating awareness campaigns and developing its policy. To keep up with all the emerging developments in Alexandria society, and activate the installation of spare parts by holding an initiative with the Ministry of Education and completing more than 100 schools, in addition to installing 20,000 at the level of institutions, universities, and places of worship, including mosques, churches, and commercial stores in Alexandria.

He announced that the gray water recycling experiment had begun at Taksim Al-Zohour School, and we also set out to save 5% of the water for washing filters and pipes by recycling and reusing it in the stations, in addition to developing methods for detecting leaks in networks using the latest devices to reduce water loss.

In conclusion, the President of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company addressed words of thanks and appreciation to all participants in this global event and thanked His Excellency Dr. Abdel Aziz Qansoua, Governor of Alexandria, for his support and sponsorship of any event or project that brings good to our city, calling for the need to extend a helping hand to make a difference that benefits everyone and everyone. Any Alexandrian citizen, currently or from future generations, will be left behind.

It is noteworthy that the distinction in this year’s celebration is that the event brings together the drinking water and sanitation companies under one umbrella, the slogan of which is “We will not leave anyone behind, whether entities responsible for producing, distributing, and manufacturing the water point or consuming it, or from the marginalized classes who are unable to deliver it.”