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Orphan's Day celebration at Sharqi Stadium

DATE:  2019-04-15 01:09:32 PM

شركة مياة الشرب بالاسكندرية - البوابة الالكترونية

Orphan's Day celebration in a playground under the patronage of Mr. Engineer Ahmed Jaber
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director
The Charitable Association for the Workers of the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria held an Orphan’s Day celebration at the company’s cannery in Sharqi
This was in the presence of Engineer Ahmed Jaber
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director
And Representative Amr Kamal
And MP Elham El Minshawy
Dr. Jihan Hassan Al-Bashir, General Director of the Central Medical District
And shirt Angelios Fathi. Vicar of the Pope in Alexandria
And His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Khashba
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Endowments in Alexandria
And His Eminence Sheikh Hassan Abdul Basir
Director General of Dawah at the Alexandria Endowments Directorate
And His Eminence Sheikh Wissam Kaseb, Director of the Muharram Bek Endowments Department
Dr. Iman Zaki, marketing consultant at Acura
Engineer Mohamed Al-Helou, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Helou and Secretary of the Public Action Secretariat in Alexandria
Engineer Ihab Zakaria, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Qasr Al Salam Company and Secretary of the Small Projects Secretariat in Alexandria
Engineer Ahmed Fouad, member of the Engineers Syndicate
And Captain Ahmed Al-Kass
Gentlemen, members of the company’s board of directors
Gentlemen, heads of sectors and general managers of the company
And the company's stations and branch manager
Gentlemen, members of the company’s trade union committee
Dear colleagues and their families
The ceremony targeted 300 orphan children from 5 charitable organizations, in addition to the families of the charitable organization’s employees.
The celebration began
Engineer Ahmed Jaber and the distinguished guests inspected the medical convoy of the Ministry of Health and Population, which included the specialties of children, internal medicine, dentistry, Virus C, the women’s clinic, and blood donation.
The medication was examined and dispensed to the participants free of charge
Then he inspected the medical convoy prepared by the General Administration for Family Therapy, which included clinics from Al-Salama Hospital, Zamram Hospital, Uqba bin Nafi Hospital, Al-Hayat Heart Hospital, Badrawi Hospital, and Dar Medical Examinations Laboratory.
Then the celebration began with a children's puppet theater with costumes and clowns
Then the magician Ahmed Al-Americani presented a fun show of magic shows and games
The talented Nada Ahmed presented her new performance
At the end of the concert, artist Fathi Mishal performed a group of wonderful songs
After that, Engineer Ahmed Jaber expressed his thanks and appreciation
For the gentlemen of attendance
Congratulations to the members of the Charitable Society’s Board of Directors for their efforts
The General Administration of Security, the General Administration of Public Relations and Media, the General Administration of Family Therapy, and the Administration of Vehicle Traffic and Club Employees
The Association’s Board of Directors presented a shield of thanks to Engineer Ahmed Jaber, Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors and Managing Director, for his sovereign support of the Association.
The partners of Al-Najah Al-Din were honored for helping to make this day a success and participating with the association in bringing joy and happiness to the children