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Field trips by Engineer Ahmed Jaber to follow up on the completion of the national projects required to be implemented

DATE:  2019-04-28 11:20:42 AM

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We are on the verge of a new uprising that will restore the glory of the bride of the Mediterranean. Work is underway with quick and regular steps in order to complete the national projects required to be implemented in order to improve the level of service for the Alexandria citizen. Over the past three days, the work team of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company knocked on all closed doors. They moved in all directions in order to perform their duty towards the homeland, and they do not know the path to fatigue, and the pressures of hard work in the current period have no effect in the face of the intensity of their determination and their constructive determination to provide better and safe service in light of the great developments occurring in Alexandrian society.
Following the epic of love and giving, we began on the first day during the Sinai Liberation Holidays to gather inside the Nozha Water Station to prepare all the necessary maps and data on the conditions of the production capacity of the Sharqi, Nozha, Seyouf, and Jaraya Furn stations and study them with the utmost precision to prevent any obstacles facing the process of relocating the water lines of the development project to develop a canal. Mahmoudiyah. The work team, led by Engineer Ahmed Jaber Shehata, Chairman of the Board of Directors, went to the meeting held under the chairmanship of Major General Ahmed Al-Azzazi, Head of the Engineering Division in the Northern Military Region, at the work site and at the heart of the event on the land of the Mahmoudiyah Canal axis. The meeting took about an hour in which lively and effective discussions took place among all Parties involved in implementing this project.
Jaber, in cooperation with the work team accompanying him, provided a comprehensive explanation of determining the route of the lines, their distances, and the obstacles required to be removed, studying how to implement it, and presenting all data related to the production capacity required for all water stations serving that project.
Accordingly, Al-Azzazi issued several recommendations, especially the need to begin disinfecting the canal intakes in front of the Seyouf station and on the canal strip in the Smouha area, inspect the Nozha intake, record a statement of his position on the project’s executive process, inspect the two Alef lines at the Al-Namous Bridge, and follow up on their starting and ending points, in addition to ending all measures taken to implement it. Fonts and testing them. Do not forget to test the old Alif font, even if it has a problem, it must be changed, in addition to knowing its path.
Then His Excellency recommended to everyone the need for all parties concerned to cooperate and intensify their efforts in implementation of the orders of the supreme sovereign leadership in order to optimally implement the development project for the Mahmoudiyah axis before next June 30.
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Engineer Ahmed Jaber, accompanied by Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Kardani and Lieutenant Colonel Samer Abdel Wahab, carried out a comprehensive inspection of the implementation sites of all lines at Hajar Al-Nawatiya, Al-Namous Bridge, the new street opposite Al-Syouf Station and inside the station, studying all of this and matching it on the maps while inspecting the condition of the waste and the locations and number of valves.
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Then His Excellency, along with Engineer/Ahmed Hashem, Head of the Production and Distribution Sector in the City of Alexandria, and Engineer/Gaddafi Ibrahim, General Manager of Sharq Production, continued with a field tour inside all the wards, filters, and galleries at the Seyouf station to ensure that work is progressing as required. In addition to directing everything related to the implementation of the Mahmoudia Axis development project on the ground from inside the station.
At the end of the day and over the next two days, Jaber, accompanied by Engineer/ Mr. Rayan, Head of the Western Production and Distribution Sector, began all technical aspects related to the work of replacing and renovating the Jaraya furnace station, in addition to monitoring the extent of the implementation of the works according to the specified timetable and declaring a state of emergency in preparation for qualifying the station to obtain the TSM certificate within This week, with a preview of the implementation of the feeder lines and external exhaust lines for the station, so that they do not conflict with the executive framework of the Mahmoudiyah Axis Development Project.
It is worth mentioning; On the evening of the second day of the ongoing epic work, Engineer Ahmed Jaber personally inspected the maintenance work on a break in the water line feeding the rear area of the parking lot next to Al-Nahda Company. Then he went to the main building of the company to initiate a meeting held with Engineer Iman Bakhit, General Manager of the General Plan, to study water facility conflicts. Drinking from pipes and utensils along the service road on the coastal road (Alexandria - Matrouh).