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An expanded reconnaissance campaign for the Chairman of the Board of Directors

DATE:  2019-06-16 12:51:09 PM

شركة مياة الشرب بالاسكندرية - البوابة الالكترونية

Following the saga of giving in love for Egypt and promoting community work; Yesterday, Friday, Eng. Ahmed Jaber Shehata drove. Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, an extensive reconnaissance campaign in coordination with the West and Central Alexandria Production and Distribution Sector, the Projects Sector, and the General Administration of Public Relations and Media, which included field visits to water network implementation projects in some vital hotspots in Alexandria in preparation for receiving the African Cup of Nations season, and many development areas on the Strip. Mahmoudiyah Axis Development Project; In addition to some stations and cranes.
The campaign activities began by joining another campaign launched by His Excellency the Minister Dr. Abdel Aziz Qansoua, Governor of Alexandria, along with a group of leaders of the executive bodies and members of the Capital Club to follow up on the development and beautification of Saad Zaghloul Square in the Raml Station. His Excellency stressed to the Alexandria Water Company the necessity of accelerating the implementation of irrigation networks and ensuring Water reaches the public toilet located in Al-Maidan Park.
The campaign then headed in front of the Alexandria Stadium, where Engineer Ahmed Gaber and Major General Ahmed Bassiouni, Secretary General of the Governorate, carried out the final follow-up of the water supply connections to the stadium. Accordingly, Gaber recommended intensifying the efforts of the Hydraulic Analysis Department to begin measuring the water pressure level in the networks in the surrounding gardens around the Alexandria Stadium Square. He also coordinated with the General Projects Department to contribute to supporting the general appearance of the side opposite the stadium by maintaining and painting the back wall of the Kom El-Dikka building, with the help of the company’s afforestation and ornamental plant planting team, in order to provide a decent aesthetic appearance.
Engineer Ahmed Jaber continued his tour by initiating water network implementation projects on the New Alexandria axis, starting from behind Carrefour at the beginning of the coastal road to the land of Rafi Hajar Al-Nawatiya, where the positions of the lines on the ground were reviewed in parallel with the modern installations of bridges and the like to prevent any conflicts from occurring, including: the Nozha Line. The diameter of 1000 mm outside of Mansheya 2 to Margham, and the GRB line has a diameter of 1000 mm and does not conflict with the new bridge linking the areas of Muharram Bey and Bashayer Al-Khair, and the migration of a 700 mm diameter line that conflicts with the Al-Qabbari Road Bridge next to the Egyco Pharmaceutical Company, and an inspection of the eastern outlet and the replacement and renewal operations it needs, as it was issued Engineer Ahmed Jaber instructed him to begin implementing the 500 mm line feeding the 400-acre area of the new city of Alexandria, in addition to installing a new gate to close and open the water from the siphon and the Mahmoudiyah Canal.
On the opposite side of the gates of the eastern outlet, the condition of the siphon that feeds the Mahmoudiyah and then the eastern outlet was inspected.
In front of the Jaraiya oven station, the connection of the 700 mm diameter Al-Aker line feeding the station was inspected, then he notified His Excellency via a phone call from the work site in Ghit Al-Enab, taking into consideration not to carry out any construction work that conflicts with the Alef line on the opposite side of the Republic Hospital in order to facilitate repair and maintenance operations. The line at the time of breakage or replacement and renewal projects.
Based on measuring the level of the new asphalt on the highway opposite Al-Kamal Street in the Moharam Bey area, it was clearly shown that its level is lower than the level of the old asphalt, and therefore the engineer/Ahmed Jaber requested that an official letter be sent to the authority entrusted to determine the final service levels for the possibility of determining the levels of the lock rooms on the road; In addition to the need to provide us with the required feeding areas in the development area of point (10) to connect the required networks.
It is proposed, according to the field examination of the development area (10),
Implementing two “500” diameter lines on both sides, branching off with 12.18” diameter connections to feed the neighboring farms. By controlling the pressures, water will be provided equally.
Field follow-ups continued to review the beginnings and ends of the water lines and adjust the levels of the water lines under the Muharram Bek Bridge and in front of the Salt and Soda Company, and to monitor the balance basin controlling the eastern outlet in front of the Muharram Bek branch, and to issue orders to reduce the water level in it to detect waste and determine the amount of water in it and to study the directions of the water path in the line. Nutritional reserve for the Mahmoudiyah axis areas in the region; In addition to inspecting the lines in front of the Nozha station and the water tanks in front of the Quba Mosque near the Nawatiya stone.
In the context of the expanded field campaign; Jaber, along with Engineer/ Al-Sayyed Rayan, Head of the West Production and Distribution Sector, and Engineer/ Hanan Taha, Head of the Projects Sector, proceeded with the conditions of the filter wards, pumps, circular chutes, and laboratories at the Furn Al-Jaraya station. Then all attendees watched a presentation about the Furn Al-Jaraya station before and after obtaining the Sustainable Technical Management Certificate. Amidst great joy at this achievement related to transforming a semi-dilapidated station into a station supported by all the technical and laboratory capabilities to manage an important part of the drinking water delivery system to vital areas in development projects in Alexandria.
They visited the wards of the Sharqi station and made sure that all maintenance work was being carried out in an optimal manner in preparation for its qualification to obtain the Sustainable Technical Management Certificate.
The field campaign mission ended with a visit to Rafi’ Al-Mahmoudiyah and Rafi’ Al-Aker in Al-Nawatiya Stone, where all parts of the place were inspected and future works based on it were planned during the coming period.