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Honoring meter readers, conductors, secret connections employees, supervisors and plumbers

DATE:  2019-06-22 07:30:36 PM

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Honoring meter readers, conductors, secret connections employees, supervisors and plumbers

Within the framework of integrity support procedures for activating reward and punishment mechanisms and highlighting distinguished models to be role models, today Mr. Eng. Ahmed Jaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, honored meter readers, conductors, secret connection employees, supervisors, and exemplary plumbers, for the months of October, November, and December. 2018, in the experimental branches (commercial and engineering) in which integrity support procedures are applied, which are: Mandara, Al-Ajami, Moharam Bey, Al-Amriya, Al-Sahel, Al-Nubaria, Al-Ibrahimiyya, and Abu Qir. This is the first time that supervisors and plumbers from the engineering branches have been honored. Participation in the experimental phase, within the framework of the executive plan for maintaining home connections.
The honoring ceremony was attended by Mr. Eng. El-Sayed Rayan, Head of the West and North Coast Production and Distribution Sector, Ms. Yusr Salah, General Manager of Board Affairs, Mr. Kamal Abdel Majeed, General Manager of Public Relations and Media, Ms. Sahar Essam, Director of the Integrity Support Department, and Mr. Ahmed El-Shenawy, Director of the Integrity Support Department. Support integrity.
It is worth noting that this competition is carried out based on standards and foundations established in cooperation with the heads of sectors and general managers concerned, noting that these standards are announced in the branches in advance to ensure the principle of transparency, which is one of the most important principles of supporting integrity. These standards are concerned with measuring the personal and practical aspects of employees alike, and selection is made. Objectively, based on the grades the worker obtains in the evaluation, this competition takes place every 6 months.
This honor is considered a material and moral support for distinguished employees at work, and is also an incentive for them to achieve further development and diligence to achieve the required performance indicators.
Mr. Engineer/ Ahmed Jaber, the Integrity Support Department, and all the company’s employees extend their sincere congratulations to the honored colleagues, wishing them further success and excellence.
It is worth noting that the Integrity Support Program is a program affiliated with the German Cooperation Agency GIZ and the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater and has been implemented at the Alexandria Drinking Water Company since 2016.

Mandara Branch:
The ideal reader: Islam Mahmoud Abdel Moneim
The ideal recipient: Ahmed Ali Ahmed Mohamed

Moharam Bey Branch:
Ideal reader: Osama Ahmed Mesbah
Ideal recipient: Abdel Latif Zaki Mohamed Aouf

Ibrahimiya Branch:
Ideal reader: Karim Mohamed Salem Morsi
Ideal recipient: Mustafa Hammad Abdel Majeed Hammad

Abu Qir Branch:
Ideal reader: Muhammad Fawzi Hussein Janab
The ideal recipient: Ahmed Abdel Basset

Sahel Branch:
Ideal recipient: Asaad Muhammad Asaad

Nubaria Branch:
Ideal reader: Yahya Zakaria Muhammad
Ideal recipient: Atef Wafi Ali

Ajami Branch:
Ideal reader: Shaaban Ahmed
The ideal recipient: Bassem Mohamed Mohamed Abdel Tawab

Amriya Branch:
Ideal reader: Muhammad Gamal Nasr Metwally
The ideal recipient: Hamada Reda Fawzi Muhammad

Stealth Link Management East:
Ahmed Fathi congratulations

Stealth link management:
Amr Hamas El-Sheshtawy

Stealth West Link Management:
Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Abdullah

Managing Stealth Links South:
Hassan Abdel Mohsen Hassan

Country geometry:
Ideal supervisor: Mahmoud Mohamed Abdel Naeem
The ideal plumber: Hanafi Mahmoud Hanafi

Agami Engineering:
Ideal supervisor: Mahmoud Amin Al-Rawi
The ideal plumber: Muhammad Mansour Hassan

Nubaria Engineering:
Ideal supervisor: Adel Al-Sayed Khader
The ideal plumber: Adel Brik Fadil

East Engineering:
Ideal supervisor: Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed
The ideal plumber: Ibrahim Mahmoud Gad