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Activities of the Republic Championship for the Federation of Companies No. (52)

DATE:  2019-09-10 12:37:38 PM

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We direct the attention of sports fans from the Alexandria Drinking Water Company towards Port Said Governorate, where the activities of the Republic Championship for the Federation of Companies No. (52) were launched last week, under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, and Governor Major General Adel Ghadhban, in the presence of the First Undersecretary of the Youth and Sports Directorate in Port Said and the President of the Federation. Al-Masry and Al-Arabi Sports Club for companies, among a group of chairmen of the boards of directors of companies and a group of senior officials.
The opening included a queue display for all the participating teams, numbering (18,000) male and female players, representing (180) companies competing at the level of various individual and team sports.
Eng. Ahmed Gaber Shehata, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, witnessed the opening activities, where members of the sports delegation of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company led the parade queue, raising welcome banners and around them were models of a drop of water as a logo for the company.
Then, on the sidelines of a motivational session, he met with the participating teams
He discussed with them strategies for playing during the tournament, and during this meeting he expressed his sincere wishes to win all the games and achieve advanced positions, emphasizing his complete confidence in the people of his company in their ability to bear the amount of responsibility placed on them to maintain the level of the company’s leadership in the sports field. The results of the first week of the tournament resulted in the advancement of both: the national football team to the quarter-finals and the basketball team to the semi-finals, ensuring a medal. The team will play a match for first or second place in the group stage.
The pioneers of the basketball team over the age of 35 ranked sixth in their first participation in the Federation of Companies Championship. The chess team qualifies for the quarter-finals
It won its first match against the Banque Misr team with a score of 0/4
It won against the Sphinx Oils team 0/4, and it won against the Suez Canal Containers team with a score of 5'2 / 5'1. With these results, the team deserved first place with merit and excellence among the strongest teams of companies in the Republic.
The athletics team shines, as usual every year, with its distinguished role. On the first day, it won three gold medals (400m run, discus throw, and shot put) and six silver medals for 400m run, discus throw, shot put, 100m run, dungeon jump, and 1,500m run), in addition to a medal. Bronze for 5000m walk.
On the second day, the team won ten gold medals for the 3000m steeplechase and four medals for the 800m running, hammer throw, long jump and 4x100m relay, in addition to five bronze medals for the 110m hurdles, 800m high jump, hammer throw and 3000m steeplechase.
The third day's competitions remain, in addition to the district matches.