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Alexandria Water organizes 3 marketing workshops for Matrouh Water

DATE:  2019-09-11 11:59:23 AM

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Alexandria Water organizes 3 marketing workshops for Matrouh Water

Marketing excellence moves from Alexandria to Matrouh, where the Matrouh Drinking Water and Wastewater Company used the distinguished marketing team of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company to spread the culture of saving supplies in Matrouh Governorate in order to achieve the water security strategy for Egypt 2030 between the Alexandria and Matrouh governorates, where the Alexandria Drinking Water Company under the guidance of Engineer Ahmed Gaber The head of the drinking water company in Alexandria prepared 3 workshops. The first workshop included the presence of: marketing, awareness, public relations, and community participation employees in Matrouh. The first workshop included: the importance of the spare parts and their characteristics, presenting many of their advantages, and how to spread the awareness and marketing culture for them in the governorate.
The second workshop included: training technicians, plumbers, and engineers on identifying its types, places of installation, and how to install it. The third workshop: for company officials, and included the results resulting from spreading that culture and the target groups and developing a rationalization plan to provide more than 35% of the amount of produced water and the positive effects resulting from that for Matrouh Governorate and ways to Achieving the water security strategy for the two governorates in order to expand the installation of water-saving plots in Matrouh Governorate
These lectures were delivered by Dr. Islam Ali, Director of Marketing at the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria, and Dr. Ibrahim Khaled, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Drinking Water Company in Matrouh, indicated that the use of water-saving parts will save 35 to 55%. Of the amount of water produced in Marsa Matrouh Governorate
Dr. Khaled explained that the saving parts are very simple smart parts, which are installed on the end of the faucet or pipe connections, and control the water pressure by mixing water with air to maximize the benefit from water consumption, pointing out that rationalizing water consumption is a double gain for both parties. ; The first is a gain for the state, in order to save water given its importance at the present time, in addition to being a gain for the individual himself.
Engineer Ahmed Jaber Shehata reviewed the advantages of the spare parts. The most important of which is saving from 35% to 55% of water consumption and controlling water pressure, in addition to being non-clogging, easy to disassemble and install, and does not allow bacteria to form. He pointed out that establishing internal water desalination plants will cost 800 million pounds, meaning that the cost One cubic meter of water exceeds 9 pounds.

Engineer Ahmed Jaber Shehata added that the company has worked to save water recently through the use of saving parts, which is the most modern water rationalization system in the world.