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Receiving a delegation from the Minya Water and Sanitation Company within the framework of cooperation and exchange of experiences

DATE:  2019-09-15 12:24:15 PM

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Within the framework of fruitful cooperation and exchange of experiences between the Alexandria Drinking Water Company and its sister companies affiliated with drinking water and wastewater.
Under the patronage of Engineer Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, the Marketing Department of the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria received a delegation from the Drinking Water and Wastewater Company in Minya, represented by Engineer/Mohamed Al-Husseini, Head of the Minya Water Sector, Engineer/Samar Mohamed, Director of the Marketing Department, Minya Water, and the accountant Ayman Afifi, Director of Contracts Department. And purchases
This is to benefit from the experience of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company in the field of marketing, self-employment, and all investment and marketing aspects of the company.
One of the most important priorities was to spread the culture of spare parts in the Minya Governorate in order to achieve the water security strategy for Egypt 2030 between the governorates of Alexandria and Minya and to learn about our company’s excellence in self-employment. The first day’s program included a visit to the company’s main center and getting to know the company’s distinguished leaders. They were received by Mr. Accountant / Sherif Nawar, Head of the Financial Sector, and Mr. Accountant / Ahmed Mostafa, Director General of Financial Affairs, in order to exchange distinguished accounting experiences between the two companies.
Then go to the clothing workshop to learn about the many products that are produced at Al-Mansheya Station 1, led by Engineer / Mr. Al-Rayyan, Head of the West and North Coast Production and Distribution Sector, and Engineer / Maryam Khamis, General Manager of West Stations. They praised the many and distinguished products of clothing, then head to the Marketing Department outlet in the branch. Sand to learn about the available parts and their characteristics, present many of their advantages, learn about their types, and how to spread the marketing culture in Minya Governorate, then go to the company’s regional training center. They were received by all the training leaders and reviewed the most important distinguished training programs.
And at the end of the day
A lecture was given at the company’s training center, and the lecturer was Dr. Islam Ali, Director of Marketing Department at the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria, which included an introduction to marketing activities and a review of the company’s various marketing and operational plans and the most important factors for the success of that system, while working on developing a plan to implement the spare parts in the governorate to save more than 35%. From the amount of water produced and the positive effects of the spare parts,
Today's program also included receiving Mr. Yasser Saber, Head of the Human Resources Sector, to learn about the extent of cooperation in the many products in the field of printing. He directed the delegation to the management of the printing press under the leadership of Mr. Hussein Ismail, where the capabilities of the printing press, the development plan, and the presentation of all products and how to cooperate among us were reviewed. Then, we headed to the company’s distinguished carpentry workshop at Al-Manshiya Station 2. We were very surprised by the many possibilities of that workshop in preparing laboratories, meeting rooms, and all new wooden products. At the end of the visit, the delegation agreed that these true achievements must have a distinguished leader behind them who allows the distinguished to launch their ideas. And transforming their ambitions into a beautiful reality contributes to the increase and advancement of our beloved company