A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria to discuss development operations in the sectorsMian/News/A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria to discuss development operations in the sectors
A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria to discuss development operations in the sectors

DATE:  2019-11-28 12:06:05 PM

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A week full of a series of important events and meetings, the outcome of which depends on the fate of many matters at the Alexandria Drinking Water Company. Perhaps the most notable of these was the meeting of the Research and Development Committee, headed by Engineer Ahmed Jaber Shehata, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, in the presence of a group of heads of the project, laboratory, production and distribution sectors and members of the Research Committee, with the aim of discussing several radical solutions to confront the recurring problems and crises at the Seyouf station over the past two years.
The projects and laboratories sectors reviewed several research topics related to the quality of raw and produced water at the Seyouf station and taking the necessary measures to meet the period of minimum needs during the winter dam. The most important of these is the experiment with aerating the station’s internal canal by studying how to replenish oxygen on the surface of the water by introducing air in the required quantities into the water from During the “diffusor,” a number of 2-inch diameter pipes emerge from it, with openings for air to exit, mounted on a disc filter. This idea was derived from passing through the ditch canal during the crisis last year, where we found that the flow of water by the wind resulted in a significant decrease in the percentage of ammonia as a result of the availability of the ventilation element.
The laboratories sector added its scientific study on the magnetic field experiment and its effect on the aeration process in terms of the regular rearrangement of crystals inside the water, which helps the physical specifications prevent side effects resulting from the aeration process. In addition to studying the positive effect of activated carbon in eliminating the variables resulting from the rise in ammonia, such as changes in smell, color, and taste, and regulating the rates of chlorine injection to disinfect water in times of crisis.
Accordingly, Engineer Ahmed Jaber stated that:
“The water sector within Alexandria Governorate will face, in the next stage, an increasing rise in the percentage of ammonia in the canal, which will affect production and the level of service as a result of stopping the operation of the station out of concern for the safety of citizens’ health.
Given that the nature of life is dynamic and not static; We were determined to confront these urgent challenges and not to surrender to them, and we found that the best way to resist is to attack the causes of the crisis by activating the scientific research of the company’s members and applying it in an optimal manner.
His Excellency expressed his support for the implementation of the proposed experiments and issued his recommendations on the need to simulate the ventilation model with filters in the station, measure the amount of air in it to manufacture ventilation pipes, and determine the number of holes needed to calculate the required amount of air according to the openings to determine the number of necessary pipes, in addition to preparing the crystals and determining the places for installing the pipes with Taking into account distances to obtain the desired result without affecting the quality of raw water and its standard specifications, in addition to developing thoughtful mechanisms for using active carbon in proportion to the doses of added chlorine, taking into account the optimal method of use and determining the time of contact with water.
He also issued instructions to the projects and the technical support sector to quickly complete the occupational safety and health equipment for the chlorine warehouse at the Seyouf station to protect schools from the risks of leakage, and to prepare a program to link the laboratory and field chlorine dose and display it on the ESCADA screen to monitor the results of the preparations taken to address any leakage without affecting the areas adjacent to the station.
On the other hand, “Jaber” continued the process of holding pivotal meetings with all officials of the commercial sector at the level of all branches of the company, aiming to reform the commercial system with regard to the revenues and arrears items and modify the course of the meters system in a way that suits the interests of the customer and the company. He therefore issued strict instructions to hand over to the master meter reader the file without any previous or subsequent readings recorded in it, to force him to inspect the meter himself and record the actual reading.
He made an inventory of stopped meters and properties that consume water without installing meters, and stressed that the customer should not hand over the meter directly without verifying its installation, so as not to cause a fatal mistake by having a subscriber benefit from water without having a tool to measure the value of his consumption.
He stressed on each branch the necessity of continuing to pay attention to Code (9) by reviewing the files and examining and matching their data with the real estate on the ground with the aim of adjusting the issuances according to the current situation of the property, whether it is threatened or built according to the old standard, and thus we obtain the actual state dues from water consumption in addition to amending The measurement is appropriate for feeding the floors of the new property, and we eliminate the client’s complaint about weak water pressure as a result of exploiting the old measurements.
Jaber pointed out that the most difficult thing for an accountant to do in his work, despite his efforts, is to work without an accounting outlook. The successful accountant is the one who constantly monitors the collection rate of the branch’s issues to adjust the commercial portfolio in the direction of reducing arrears and limiting their increase by providing revenues in accordance with sound accounting standards.
I recommend activating the role of committees at the Alexandria level to collect the state dues necessary to implement the projects required of us to serve the Alexandrian citizen.
Last week's activities ended with an examination of the position of the New Mansheya village and the Samawiya village regarding the weakness and interruption of water in nature, accompanied by the representative, Mohamed Atta Salim, for the Montazah Thani neighborhood district, where a committee was formed from the engineering team.
The company went to the new village of Mansheya, and it turned out that the reason for the complaint about the weakness and interruption of water was due to a break in two lines with a diameter of “12” and “8” inches, as a result of some residents encroaching on the lines to benefit from drinking water to irrigate crops in the lands surrounding the village, and the repairs were completed.
By visiting the people and examining the water condition in various areas, it became clear that there was water in good condition and quantity, and the pressure level was appropriate.
Citizens emphasized that the weakness and interruption of water during the previous period coincided with the period of breakage in the two previously mentioned lines, and that there are currently no complaints regarding drinking water.
Regarding the complaint of the people of Al-Samawiya village, it was found that it is a village next to the Rakta Canal in the Beheira Governorate, and the area was studied