Including the use of sterilization booths...important measures taken by the Alexandria Water Company to confront CoronaMian/News/Including the use of sterilization booths...important measures taken by the Alexandria Water Company to confront Corona
Including the use of sterilization booths...important measures taken by the Alexandria Water Company to confront Corona

DATE:  2020-06-03 11:36:55 AM

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Engineer Ahmed Gaber, head of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, stressed the importance of building a protective edifice to provide safety measures

Securing the human resources and employees of the company, and making use of the capabilities and specializations of researchers, chemists and employees of the company, to arrange the necessary proactive measures to confront the repercussions of the spread of the new Corona virus, based on self-efforts and available capabilities.

He pointed out that one of the company's most important priorities is to secure workers from the risks of exposure to any injury, as they are the real wealth and the company's main resource, pointing out that all sectors of the company are directing their efforts to educate workers, through the Crisis and Disaster Management Initiative, by presenting a number of precautionary measures that must be activated within the company's headquarters. Which resulted in the combined efforts and success of the General Administration of Research and Development team, working in parallel to put forward the idea of designing and manufacturing corridors for sterilizing individuals, taking into account international specifications in terms of dimensions and design, and providing them with an electrical panel for operation and a 20-liter tank sufficient to sterilize (1,000) individuals, equipped with a prepared disinfectant. Through self-efforts, in accordance with the standard standards issued by the World Health Organization, (60) sterilization booths have been implemented with self-sufficient capabilities.

He continued, that sterilization booths were distributed and placed at the entrances of all the company’s headquarters, including branches and stations, in addition to sending (35) units to the Giza and Dakahlia drinking water and sanitation companies, and another number are being prepared for the Aswan Company.

Jaber pointed to the role of the laboratories and research sector in filling and preparing ethyl alcohol sprays with a concentration of 70% and distributing them to workers, in addition to the role of crisis management in implementing preventive measures to coexist with Corona by pasting guide signs to regulate the standing and sitting of the public arriving at branches and customer service outlets to adhere to the rules of social distancing. In addition, the Awareness Department educates workers about the repercussions of the spread of the virus and means of prevention and protection from exposure to any infection.

He said that the Marketing Department has strengthened preventive missions by providing ethyl alcohol, a quantity of concentrated hand gel, antibacterial medical masks and gloves, (30) devices for measuring temperature, and hygiene and disinfection supplies, represented by (100) spray pumps with a capacity of (20) liters carried on the back and (2) 1 ton of concentrated liquid soap, chlorine, and (100) metal areas, in cooperation with military production factories.

The head of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company directed the General Administration of Occupational Safety and Health, in cooperation with the General Administration of Security, to follow up on the implementation of all procedures as required at the level of the company’s headquarters, monitor disinfection work on a periodic basis, and detect any infected cases and deal with them immediately to enhance the company’s means of protection.

He added that the company is continuing campaigns to disinfect the streets and squares of Alexandria Governorate, especially those with high population density, based on the company’s societal role towards citizens, in addition to disinfecting the headquarters of some government agencies and the new city of El Alamein.