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Thanks and appreciation

DATE:  2020-09-15 06:11:11 PM

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Thanks and appreciation

The laboratories sector extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to Mr. Engineer / Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director for his great support and constant support for the laboratories sector, the fruits of which are evident in the development and excellence of performance in all departments and laboratories of the sector. Today we congratulate his sovereignty and all the employees of our esteemed company on the passing of the central laboratories and the general administration of quality and environment for the external audit for the renewal Accreditation to ISO 17025, 2017 version

The scope of accreditation for organic, inorganic and bacteriological analysis laboratories and sample collection management has been increased, doubling the number of indicators to eighty-two indicators.

The review was conducted on the use of the latest testing equipment that was supplied to the laboratories during the past months. The review was also passed on the use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to detect the Salmonella indicator in environmental analyses, making it the only laboratory accredited in this analysis with this technology.

It also passed the review of the General Department of Quality with its four departments (Quality and Environment Control Department, Reports and Documentation Department, Development Needs Department, and Calibration Department).

The auditors praised the high level of performance, the application of all quality requirements, and the accuracy of the tests, which confirms confidence in our quality control laboratories in an effort to gain customer satisfaction and confidence.

On behalf of the laboratories sector, I extend my thanks to all the male and female colleagues in the various sectors who participated with us and contributed their efforts, each in their specialty, to make our laboratories appear in this honorable and appropriate appearance at the Alexandria Drinking Water Company.


Head of the Laboratories and Research Sector

Chemist / Maha Dowidar