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Important announcement for technical secondary school applicants

DATE:  2021-09-21 11:32:41 AM

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Important announcement
To our children, the students who submitted applications to join the Technical Secondary School affiliated with Al-Sharb Company in Alexandria on the website. Enter the company's website and print Form No. (1), which will appear after the inquiry with the application number
You are kindly requested to come to Al-Mansheya Station (2) - Abis - Ring Road on Saturday, 9/25/2021, at exactly nine o’clock in the morning, in order to take the written tests and personal interviews to enroll in the Technical Secondary School for Drinking Water and Sanitation.
You have the following documents:
• A copy of the basic education completion certificate (preparatory).
• Original or copy of a computer birth certificate.
• A copy of the guardian’s national ID card.
• Form No. (1) printed from the website when inquiring about the application number
Important note:-
- Whoever receives Form No. (2) will not be a candidate for the tests due to his violation of the application conditions.
Important Alert :-
Coordination is adhered to according to the minimum approved by the counterpart technical schools (the technical school for drinking water and sanitation in Beheira) according to the students of each governorate separately.
Please adhere to the following instructions:-
Adherence to security instructions.
Adherence to precautionary measures.
Adherence to specified deadlines.
Greetings from the Alexandria Drinking Water Company