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General Administration of Training (special announcement for employees)

DATE:  2021-10-27 02:06:08 PM

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General Administration of Training (special announcement for employees)
Out of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company’s keenness to support and develop the skills of the company’s employees and to work with a career path system for all repetitive jobs with the aim of raising the level of employee performance, and in view of the existing competencies in the company and accordingly, the General Administration of Training is in the process of selecting trainers from the company’s current employees in the following areas:
• Technical training
• Administrative training
• Financial and business training
• Information technology training
Accordingly, those wishing to nominate must take into account the following:
1. The candidate must have a minimum of 3 years of experience working in the field to which he or she is applying.
2. Print and complete the CV form (paper) by trainers wishing to apply *The CV form can be downloaded through the link listed in the following (QR Code):
Or through the following link:
3. Attend the training center headquarters to submit a CV and receive academic materials for the programs applied for, starting from Monday 10/25/2021 until 11/1/2021.
4. The applicant has the right to nominate for more than one training program, taking into account that page No. (3) of the CV is completed once for each training program.
Greetings from the Alexandria Drinking Water Company
General Administration of Training
For more information, visit the company’s electronic portal