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Water collection work continues in Alexandria

DATE:  2021-11-21 09:23:43 AM

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Water collection work continues in Alexandria
The efforts of the sanitation and drinking water companies in Alexandria continue to withdraw the heavy rainwater accumulations that Alexandria Governorate witnessed over the past two days, which continued to fall continuously without stopping, causing accumulations of rainwater in some areas.
Engineer Ahmed Gaber, head of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, conducted a tour to inspect rainwater collection areas and push a number of submersible switches and dials to reduce the loads on the sewage network.
The tour included the areas of 25th Street with advisors around the second Montazah section, 45th Street, Qibli and Bahri, Mustafa Kamel Street, Ezbet El-Shami and El-Jazzarine, the middle of El-Bitash Street, and the beginning of Honeymoon Street, Ajami Companies Triangle.
For his part, Major General Mahmoud Nafie, head of the Alexandria Sanitation Company, said that the governorate witnessed heavy and unprecedented rainfall in all areas of Alexandria Governorate, and the company is dealing with accumulations of rainwater and work is underway to resolve them as quickly as possible.
He also inspected the company's emergency equipment and teams on an ongoing field tour, accompanying all company officials to follow up on the situation, remove rainwater accumulations, and end citizens' complaints.
He appealed to the citizens of the governorate to be careful and not to park cars on raindrops, and not to park or park cars in places where trees or old balconies are likely to fall, and not to approach electricity or lighting poles, and to report any accumulations of rainwater on the company’s hotline 175 or at Company page on social networking sites