DATE:  2022-04-12 09:24:52 AM

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Awareness meetings in Nag Misbah and Mary Girgis Church:

Under the patronage of Mr. Engineer Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company,

The Awareness Department conducted a field awareness campaign for Naga Misbah, within the areas targeted by the presidential initiative, A Decent Life.

It also held awareness-raising meetings for the women of the village at the Mary Girgis Church in Al-Jawira in Al-Naja, to introduce them to the initiative and its importance, and how it will change the appearance of the Egyptian countryside after the introduction of all services that guarantee them a decent life, and to discuss the efforts made by the state and the company in producing and delivering water as part of the initiative’s work, and a brochure was distributed. Taking the initiative and responding to all the questions and inquiries of the attendees and taking souvenir photos with them