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A major field campaign for Nag Misbah:

DATE:  2022-04-14 09:36:24 AM

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A major field campaign for Nag Misbah:

Under the patronage of Mr. Engineer Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company,

The concerned departments carried out a major field awareness campaign in the Naga Misbah region, which is one of the targeted areas of the Presidential Initiative for a Decent Life. The laboratories sector, the General Administration of Customer Service, the General Administration of Public Relations and Media, and the Department of Opinion Polls participated in the campaign. Follow-up and management of community participation, and all parties have carried out their tasks, each in its specialty.

The Awareness Department also held awareness meetings for village women at the school to introduce them to the initiative and its importance, and to discuss the company’s efforts in producing and delivering water as part of the initiative’s work. The need to rationalize water consumption, methods of rationalization and how to wash carpets without wasting water, and a workshop to teach the principles of light plumbing were discussed. The initiative's brochure was distributed and all attendees' questions and inquiries were answered