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“Children’s Climate Forum” celebration to raise awareness of water conservation.

DATE:  2022-05-15 09:12:03 AM

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“Children’s Climate Forum” celebration to raise awareness of water conservation.

The Alexandria Drinking Water Company, led by Engineer Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, and organized by the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater, and the European Union delegation in the Arab Republic of Egypt, received the celebration activities of the “Children’s Climate Forum”, which was held at the company’s stadium in Alexandria, as part of the celebrations. The European Union in EU Month, with the participation of many international bodies (the German Agency for International Cooperation “GIZ” on behalf of the German government, and the European Investment Bank EIB).

Ambassador Christian Berger, Head of the European Union delegation to the Arab Republic of Egypt, attended, and a number of ambassadors and high-level representatives from international bodies: (the European Union - the German Agency for International Cooperation - and the European Investment Bank EIB).

The celebration witnessed the implementation of awareness activities and interactive games targeting more than 150 children to consolidate the concepts of rationalization and water conservation, in addition to a group of competitions and interactive activities. With the aim of teaching children the correct behaviors in dealing with water, while implementing various activities to introduce aspects of climate change.

Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, President of the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater, confirmed that the Ministry of Housing and Utilities pays great attention to water issues and raising water awareness among citizens, and the Holding Company is keen to implement awareness programs suitable for different age groups to spread the culture of rationalizing consumption and preserving water, with a focus on Awareness campaigns targeting children to establish the concepts and behaviors of water conservation and dealing with it without wasting it.

He pointed out that the company cooperates with development partners by implementing many events in various governorates with the participation of children in interactive and educational activities and games that contribute to identifying correct behaviors and practices in dealing with water, and developing their awareness of the importance of water.

Ambassador Christian Berger, head of the European Union delegation to the Arab Republic of Egypt, stressed that it is important to increase awareness of climate issues and water scarcity, especially among children, pointing out that the European Union has funded several projects in Alexandria that help in this, including developing the tram line, and visiting the water purification and sewage plant. Which ensures that sewage is not polluted, in addition to campaigns to clean beaches and raise awareness of the danger of plastic.

He pointed out the importance of raising awareness of the dangers of climate change and avoiding negative effects, and raising awareness of the dangers of unsafe disposal of plastic, which poses a major threat to health.

Engineer Ahmed Gaber, President of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, said that cooperation between the Alexandria Drinking Water Company and the bodies and organizations of the European Union countries dates back to 1978, represented by the Italian government’s grant through: replacing and renewing the networks of western Alexandria, training workers, introducing the company’s hydraulic analysis system and GIS, and building capacity. And the German grant GTZ, which later turned into GIZ, through the project of rationalizing energy and establishing an integrity support department and building the capabilities of its workers, and the project of a support and decision-making system for projects of sustainability of drinking water services in Egypt, Water Decision Support System (WDSS), and the Dutch grant through the Switch and Reduction projects. Lost through the AFD project and the institutional evaluation it provided to the company and the supply of mechanical equipment to the company’s stations, as well as the cooperation that took place with the European Investment Bank regarding medium, small and micro projects to develop the poorest areas in the Amriya region.

Major General Engineer Mahmoud Nafie, Head of the Sanitation Company in Alexandria, stressed the importance of shedding light on the clear effects of climate change and educating young people about the correct behaviors, by implementing awareness activities for children and teaching them the correct and optimal behaviors for dealing with water and preserving the state’s development projects, in order to establish a new generation that is aware and able to avoid the effects. negative of these changes.

Dr. Walid Salem, a water sector expert at the European Investment Bank, expressed his happiness to participate in the event given its importance in educating children at this age about the importance of rationalizing water consumption in light of water scarcity.

He added, "In addition to the European Investment Bank's interest in the importance of water in human life, the bank directs a large portion of its funding in Egypt to support clean water and sanitation projects and the rehabilitation of water and sewage plants, as well as supporting activities to raise awareness of the importance of rationalizing and preserving water facilities."