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Alexandria Water: Summer training

DATE:  2022-06-06 11:28:01 AM

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Alexandria Water: Summer training

The Alexandria Drinking Water Company announces the start of accepting applications for summer training at the company’s branches and stations for university and higher institute students for the first, second, and third grades, starting from 6/5/2022 until 9/15/2022.


Training is free - the cost of issuing a certificate and statement is 125 pounds

Required Documents:

1- A certificate of registration from the college

2- A copy of the ID card showing the year and academic year, and bring the original for review.

3- A copy of the national ID card, with the original brought for review.

How to register:

Go to the training center headquarters - 523 Al-Hurriya Road - Fleming daily from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., except Friday and official holidays.