DATE:  2022-08-08 09:20:44 AM

شركة مياة الشرب بالاسكندرية - البوابة الالكترونية

The head of Alexandria Water follows up on the performance of workers at the company's stations and branches

Engineer Ahmed Gaber, President of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, conducted a field tour that included branches, customer service centers, and the hotline for the (Mandara - Raml) branches, during which he inspected the performance of workers within the branches and collection departments, and urged them to activate collection and reduce arrears.

During his tour, he listened to citizens’ complaints at customer service centers, and recommended good treatment of the public and facilitating procedures for them. He also went to the Mandara lifter and the Maamoura water station, which operates with a design capacity of 240,000 m3/day, and serves part of the Montazah neighborhood and the Buhaira Governorate, to follow up on the replacement and renovation work at the station. By passing through the wards, workshops, galleries, filters and laboratories.

He concluded his tour by visiting the company's regional training center, where he inspected the readiness of the lecture halls and the progress of the training process, and discussed with the trainees the quality of training and the extent of benefiting from it.