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A new department to study climate and environmental changes on water.

DATE:  2022-08-23 10:07:23 AM

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A new department to study climate and environmental changes on water.

The world is getting hotter. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has indicated that the world is now approximately one degree Celsius hotter than it was before the spread of industrial activity. The United Nations has urged all countries to limit the rise in the Earth’s temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius higher. Of the temperatures that prevailed before the beginning of the industrial era.

But scientists say that adherence to the 1.5 degree goal will require making “rapid, radical and unprecedented changes” that affect all aspects of human society. The year 2019 broke many records, as in the summer of 2019 it recorded almost four hundred records for high temperatures in the hemisphere. North.

Accordingly, the Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Change issued its statement on the necessity of reducing the resulting emissions, and cities are prepared to confront climate change in light of the slight progress achieved by the international treaty negotiations, as cities must have one of the most ambitious goals, which is to make greenhouse gas emissions less. .

Accordingly, the Alexandria Drinking Water Company was the first to have an effective role in reducing climate and environmental changes.

Mr. Eng. Ahmed Jaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, agreed to establish the Department of Climate and Environmental Change Studies on Water, which is affiliated with the General Administration of Research and Development, led by Dr. Maysa Salah El-Din, with the administration being assigned to Engineer Yasmine Mustafa Rashwan, which is the first department in the subsidiary companies to be created in this regard. This is concerned with studying everything that causes climate and environmental changes and developing expected future scenarios, as well as monitoring emissions and trying to reduce them. We established the first unit to measure and monitor emissions on 3/22/2022, coinciding with World Water Day, and in the presence of the Governor of Alexandria and Major General / Head of the Sanitation Company in Alexandria


An elite group of members of the relevant social associations, heads of sectors, and employees of the company.

The unit contains a set of the latest devices to measure emissions resulting from chlorine rooms, workshops, and generators, by identifying the main sources of pollutants and emissions and their concentration through periodic measurement and analysis of data with the aim of determining environmental and climatic methods and setting controls that lead to reducing and reducing negative climate and environmental impacts.