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Alexandria Water towards a complete digital transformation in various fields

DATE:  2022-12-04 10:04:08 AM

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Alexandria Water towards a complete digital transformation in various fields

Within the framework of the state’s keenness to develop the automated system and elevate it to the highest levels and to radically transform society through technological development and its significant impact on the human element in saving energy and the effort exerted by all sectors, including the water sector...

Engineer Ahmed Gaber, President of the Alexandria Water Company, and in the presence of the company’s sector heads, received a delegation from Amjad Technology, which provides innovative systems to provide energy solutions, such as the IoT system, as it provides a smart metering method (ioMeter Platform) for water utilities, commercial and industrial sectors, and renewable energy suppliers to help them in:

• Complete and accurate energy management for all facilities.

• Obtaining maximum effective power distribution.

• Continuous and periodic monitoring of daily consumption and preventing water theft.

• Extracting accurate accounting invoices (post-paid and pre-paid).

• Helping customers collect 100% cash through the ioMeter Platform.

• Providing the best services to users through the smart phone application (ioMeter Utilities).

Several issues were discussed about the prepaid meter system and various payment systems, such as Visa, billing, and the application of the ioMeter system and the Smart Utility Meter system, which aims to reduce losses related to public and subsidiary meters, which positively affects the subscriber and the company alike.

The meeting discussed several main objectives and elements, including:

• The possibility of converting the meter from mechanical to prepaid through the smart utility meter system, which works on a complete digital transformation system for the meter, which leads to recording readings with higher accuracy.

• The possibility of providing meters of various diameters for smart meters.

• The ioMeter system allows payment by linking the meter to a mobile application, which calculates the amount of actual meters consumed without any additional burdens or costs on the subscriber.

• The Energy Management System and the UBS System, which is a self-charging system, provides maintenance of the meter while saving and recording the subscriber’s data and reducing losses related to the meter’s internal batteries, in order to ensure that the calculation process is accurate and not burden the subscriber and the citizen.

The Alexandria Drinking Water Company is keen to apply the latest technologies in work and dealing with customers.