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Ceremony honoring exemplary readers and collectors.

DATE:  2023-04-10 10:49:05 AM

شركة مياة الشرب بالاسكندرية - البوابة الالكترونية

Ceremony honoring exemplary readers and collectors.

Within the framework of implementing the directives of Mr. Eng. Mamdouh Raslan, Chairman of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater, to pay attention to activating integrity support measures, Mr. Eng. Ahmed Gaber, Chairman and Managing Director of the Drinking Water Company in Alexandria, honored his sons as ideal readers and collectors within the “Reader” competition. and the perfect outcome" organized by the Integrity Support Department in cooperation with the commercial sector, in order to activate reward and punishment mechanisms, within the framework of integrity support procedures.

The honoring ceremony witnessed the distribution of certificates of appreciation to the winners of the title of the ideal reader and the ideal collector in seven experimental branches, as well as honorary plaques that are placed in the branches as an expression of their excellence and to serve as a role model for their colleagues, who are:

1- Al-Balad Branch:

The ideal reader: Ali Ali Muhammad Ali

Ideal collectors: Mohamed Abdel-Fattah Mahmoud - Nasser Mohamed El-Sayed.

2- Ibrahimia Branch:

The ideal reader: Karim Mustafa Rizk.

The ideal conductor: Waheed Saif Hassan.

3- Mandara Branch:

Ideal readers: Muhammad Ismail Al-Sayed - Ahmed Muhammad Salama.

Ideal collectors: Arafa Taher - Islam Muhammad Musa.

4-  Abu Qir Branch:

Ideal Readers: Ezz Al-Arab Youssef Saber - Islam Youssef Ezz Al-Arab.

The ideal conductor: Ahmed Hussein Al-Sayed. 

5- Al-Ajami Branch:

Ideal readers: Ahmed Ali Bakr - Muhammad Karim Muhammad.

Ideal collectors: Adel Saeed Anwar - Muhammad Fathi Abdel Ghani.

6- Al-Amriya Branch:

Ideal Readers: Hassan Ahmed Mohamed - Mohamed Abdo Al-Sayed.

The ideal collectors: Muhammad Jamal Ahmed Al-Gretli - Amr Abdullah Muhammad.

7- Nubaria Branch:

Ideal Readers: Waleed Bashir Mohamed Ibrahim - Ahmed Abdel-Gayed Sayed. 

Ideal collectors: Ahmed Taha Ahmed - Mahmoud Mohamed Al-Hadi.

Mr. Eng. Ahmed Jaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, praised the efforts of the workers in the collection and meter reading departments, stressing the company's keenness to provide the latest technological means to facilitate reading and collection operations, such as providing handheld devices. His Excellency also confirmed the company's keenness to improve the level of performance by encouraging and adopting elements Excellence and competencies.

Note that the evaluation of the ideal reader and collector is determined by predetermined objective criteria that evaluate the functional aspects such as the method of dealing with customers, the rates of incoming complaints, the achievement of the target in addition to the personal aspects such as dealing with superiors and subordinates, and these criteria are announced in the branches in advance to ensure the principle of transparency.

The honoring was attended by Dr. Amir Hijab, Head of the Commercial Sector, Ms. Yusr Salah, Director General of Board Affairs, and the Integrity Support Department work team.

It is worth noting that the Integrity Support Program is one of the programs implemented within the Nile Delta Water Management Program project of the German Agency for International Cooperation (NDWM-GIZ) implemented in Egypt.