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Alexandria Water honors its exemplary readers and collectors...

DATE:  2023-09-14 09:31:18 AM

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Alexandria Water honors its exemplary readers and collectors...

Within the framework of implementing the directives of Mr. Eng. Mamdouh Raslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater, regarding the necessity of paying attention to activating integrity support procedures, Mr. Eng. Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, honored his sons who are the reader and the ideal recipient within the “The Reader” competition. “The Ideal Outcome” is organized by the Integrity Support Department in cooperation with the commercial sector, to activate the mechanisms of reward and punishment within the framework of procedures to support integrity and transparency in the following experimental branches:

1- Country Branch:

Ideal reader: Muhammad Ibrahim Ahmed

Ideal recipient: Hani Shaker Khamis

2- Ibrahimiya Branch:

Ideal reader: Mahmoud Atef Abdel Wanis

The ideal recipient: Islam Abdel Moneim El Nashar

3- Abu Qir Branch:

Ideal reader: Ahmed Adel Hashem

The ideal recipient: Mustafa Fathi Ahmed

4- Al-Ajami Branch:

Ideal reader: Muhammad Fathi Abdullah Hassan

The ideal recipient: Ziad Fathi Hassan

5- Al Amriya Branch:

Ideal reader: Mahmoud Sedqi is smart

The ideal recipient: Muhammad Jamal Jaber

6- Nubaria Branch:

Ideal reader: Ahmed Awad Muhammad

Ideal recipient: Tamer Ragab Ramadan

He thanked the honorees for their efforts and dedication to their work, which qualified them to be nominated and win the competition.

The ideal reader and conductor are evaluated according to objective criteria that evaluate functional aspects such as the style of dealing with customers, complaints rates, and achieving the desired target, as well as personal aspects such as dealing with superiors and subordinates, and these standards are set in advance in the branches in order to achieve the principle of transparency.

The Alexandria Drinking Water Company is always interested in enhancing the spirit of competitiveness among employees in order to develop the performance of employees in the government apparatus in the country, which is reflected in the development of services provided to citizens, within Egypt’s Vision 2030.

The honoring ceremony was attended by Dr. Amir Hijab, Head of the Commercial Sector, Ms. Yusser Salah, General Manager of Board Affairs, and the Integrity Support Department work team.

It is worth noting that the Integrity Support Program is one of the programs implemented within the Nile Delta Water Management Program project of the German Agency for International Cooperation (NDWM-GIZ) implemented in Egypt.