Alexandria Water participates in the Egypt International Conference and Exhibition for Water and Wastewater Technology..Mian/News/Alexandria Water participates in the Egypt International Conference and Exhibition for Water and Wastewater Technology..
Alexandria Water participates in the Egypt International Conference and Exhibition for Water and Wastewater Technology..

DATE:  2023-10-04 09:39:33 AM

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Alexandria Water participates in the Egypt International Conference and Exhibition for Water and Wastewater Technology..

The Alexandria Water Company, headed by Engineer Ahmed Gaber, participated in the Egypt International Conference and Exhibition for Water and Wastewater Technology, which was held from October 1-3 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in Cairo, and organized by the Expotech International Group, in partnership with the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater, and under the auspices of the Council of Ministers. Ministers, Ministry of Housing, Environmental Affairs, and International Cooperation.

The organization of this international conference and exhibition comes within the framework of the global directives and vision to achieve the goals of sustainable development and preserve the environment. This partnership is also considered a vital platform for exchanging experiences and displaying the latest innovative technologies in the fields of drinking water treatment, wastewater, waste recycling, clean energy, water desalination, and environmental preservation. .

The Deputy Minister of Housing and Utilities also emphasized the role played by the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities to provide the best cup of water and improve living conditions for the Egyptian citizen, and by concluding multiple partnerships with international and international bodies and institutions working in this field, and in order to achieve this goal, the holding company Drinking Water and Wastewater seeks to create platforms that allow it and its subsidiaries to communicate with the largest international institutions and bodies in order to provide everything that is new and innovative to control industrial waste resulting from various factories, and to desalinate and treat water with high, international technology and quality, using clean energy.

Hence the importance of this important event and conference for waste treatment and recycling, which is honored under the generous patronage of the Council of Ministers.

Nearly 2,000 visitors of different nationalities from international companies and professors with a distinguished international reputation from foreign and Arab countries are scheduled to participate in this three-day international exhibition and conference.

The exhibition program includes (6) specialized sessions and (10) discussion panels (seminar) that were selected according to the priorities and challenges facing drinking water and sanitation, including, for example,

- Managing the sanitation campaign in Egypt.

- Wastewater system in small communities.

- Discussing new ideas and methods to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.

A session of the Arab Water Council will be held after the conclusion of the opening session to discuss non-traditional sources of water and their role in contributing to bridging and reducing the water gap in Egypt.

In a speech delivered by Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, Chairman of the Holding Company for Potable Water and Wastewater, who announced the establishment of this conference due to the importance of this topic, which is the water and wastewater sector, in which a large group of European and local companies specialized in the water, wastewater and desalination sector and more than 40 companies affiliated with the unions participate. German, with support from the German Ministry of Economy, to implement many projects with its partners in Egypt.

The aim of holding the conference is to present various opportunities through projects planned to be implemented in the fields of drinking water and sanitation and to encourage these parties to invest in Egypt and link the industry to local needs.

The exhibition is also a vital platform for benefiting from the German scientific side, exchanging experiences, and displaying the latest German innovations and technology in water and wastewater technologies, treatment, desalination, waste recycling, and organized energy.

In a speech by Engineer Ahmed Gaber, President of the Alexandria Water Company, in which he praised his happiness for holding such conferences and exhibitions under the supervision of the Prime Minister, Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, the Minister, Dr. Assem Al-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, and Mr. Engineer Mamdouh Raslan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for Potable and Wastewater. The healthy one.

He pointed out that the goal of attending the conference is to exchange experiences, learn about everything new in the water and sanitation sector between companies, whether through suppliers or water producing companies, learn about the latest research and new technology, how to optimally exploit every drop of water, and discover modern scientific methods for disposal. Safe from sewage waste so as not to affect the surrounding environment and to preserve the lives of citizens.

His Excellency also praised the many projects that the Holding Company is witnessing in several areas, whether in Al-Mahsama, Bahr Al-Baqar, and the New Delta Project in Alexandria, which represents 7.5 million cubic meters of water treatment and the use of it in cultivating more than a million and a half acres. We are also proud of the unprecedented achievements in developing the sector. Drinking water and sanitation during the last 9 years, where the percentage of drinking water coverage reached 99%, and the percentage of sewage coverage increased from 12% to 67% nationwide, which is a very major achievement.

He said: We came here to exchange experiences in order to maximize the benefit from every drop of water, and to use modern technology in water production in the coming period in order to maintain water sustainability for our generations and future generations.

The Alexandria Water Company’s pavilion was admired by the exhibition organizers and guests. The General Administration of Research and Development presented a simplified seminar on measuring the carbon footprint, which is calculating the equivalent of the carbon value of water, individuals, and institutions through the emission factor, which arises from the wasteful use of fuel, electricity, and energy. Of all kinds.

The Marketing Department presented a seminar simulating water conservation using a cutting-edge device.

The General Administration of Central Laboratories presented a presentation on the advanced equipment and various analyzes of the central laboratory and the services it provides, including laboratory analyzes for the benefit of others, and technical and artistic consultations, as the central laboratories hold the ISO 17025 certificate in laboratory analyzes at the hands of specialists with distinguished experience.

The Energy Conservation Department presented its production of improvement panels