“Alexandria Water” participates in the 2024 presidential elections..Mian/News/“Alexandria Water” participates in the 2024 presidential elections..
“Alexandria Water” participates in the 2024 presidential elections..

DATE:  2023-12-11 09:16:43 AM

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“Alexandria Water” participates in the 2024 presidential elections..

Believing in the role of the Egyptian citizen in participating positively in the presidential elections, and under the patronage of Mr. Engineer Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, Alexandria Water Company participated in the current presidential elections, which are underway during the next three days, 10, 11, and 12 of this month of December.

The employees of the Alexandria Water Company went out on the first day of voting to cast their votes in the electoral committees assigned to them, due to the importance of the citizen’s role in participating and voting, to raise the political awareness of the workers to participate in the democratic transformation that Egypt is witnessing to achieve a better future for future generations.

At the head of the delegations participating in the electoral process was Engineer Ahmed Jaber, accompanied by the company’s leaders and heads of sectors who came forward to cast their votes. He encouraged the company’s employees to participate positively in expressing their opinion.

His Excellency followed the course of the electoral process through the command and control room in Kom El-Dikka. He also praised the importance of standing hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder to confront all challenges and difficulties and bring Egypt to safety and stability.