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Alexandria Water participates in the Industry and Environment conference at Alexandria University...

DATE:  2024-02-07 09:06:30 AM

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Alexandria Water participates in the Industry and Environment conference at Alexandria University...

Within the framework of the activities of the second conference “Industry and Environment” under the supervision of the Department of Environmental Studies at the Institute of Graduate Studies and Research of Alexandria University, the Alexandria Drinking Water Company, headed by Engineer Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, participated in the opening session of the conference.

The conference aims to bring together a variety of research and case studies in simultaneous sessions, in addition to providing many networking opportunities with leading experts in the fields of industry and the environment.

In his speech, Engineer Ahmed Jaber reviewed the company’s efforts in preserving the environment and linking industry with education, through the necessity of setting a comprehensive vision for administrative and technical development and introducing fundamental changes in management systems to ensure improved performance levels and raising the efficiency of existing administrative systems and operations and maintenance processes to implement the sustainable development policy. To achieve Egypt's Vision 2030.

His Excellency also stressed his interest in scientific research because it is the basis of the company’s progress and in increasing the number of researchers in the company who hold doctoral, master’s and postgraduate diplomas, and even increasing the number of patents obtained by researchers and honoring many of them at the level of Egypt and even the world as well.

His Excellency indicated that the company keeps in mind the issue of concern for the environment through:

1- Establishing a department (the first of its kind) to study the impact of climate and environmental changes on water quality, attached to a unit for measuring emissions and equipped with approved and calibrated devices to contribute to reducing the pollutants causing the increased impact of climate changes and studying ways to adapt and mitigate these bad negative effects on the water sector. The Alexandria Water Company was also the first to measure the carbon footprint of an entire water station with its administrative buildings.

2- All water stations obtained the Technical Sustainable Management Certificate (TSM).

3- All the company’s stations obtained the ISO 45001 certificate for occupational safety and health.

4- The company obtained the ISO 5001 certificate for energy, and the company is currently adopting the development of the exploitation of renewable energy (solar cells in several locations), and this is due to the importance it represents for preserving energy as one of the most important axes of sustainable development.

5- Supporting the state’s strategy towards rationalizing consumption through awareness campaigns, providing economical parts, and treating gray water.

6- Within the framework of the presidential initiative to develop the villages of the Egyptian countryside (Hayat Karima), the Alexandria Water Company studied and designed the work of constructing stations and levers and extending and strengthening the networks necessary to feed the deprived areas in the Burj Al-Arab, Kafr Al-Dawwar and Abu Al-Matamir centers and improving the quality of service in these areas.

7- Modernizing and developing the electromechanical networks and equipment at the company’s stations and cranes to provide the water needed to feed national projects such as the Bashaer Al-Khair, Amriya Outskirts, Sawari, Murooj, and others projects.

8- Creating a breakthrough in the digital transformation process, by providing many effective digital services to the consumer, such as:

• Pay bills digitally.

• Inquiry about the invoice.

• Read entry service.

• Complaints submission service.

• Online contracting.

• Digital library for mobile phone and web.

At the end of his speech, Engineer Ahmed Jaber stressed that the company continues to make efforts and constantly strive to achieve all aspects of sustainable development that serve the water sector and achieve the future vision that the country seeks in 2030.

A large number of company specialists participated in the conference to identify the most important scientific developments and link them with the water industry to keep pace with continuous development processes.