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Ramadan Competition (1445 AH - 2024 AD)

DATE:  2024-03-07 11:30:44 AM

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Ramadan Competition (1445 AH - 2024 AD)

Under the patronage of Mr. Eng. Ahmed Gaber, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, the Alexandria Drinking Water Company announces to you the Ramadan Competition (1445 AH - 2024 AD).
Through the company’s electronic portal https://alexwater.com.eg/
Competition details:-
1. The competition is open to everyone.
2. To enter the competition, contestants must register their data and create a personal file
3- The login number is (any number you choose and keep it to log in in addition to the password)
4. The competition consists of 3 multiple-choice questions per day.
5. Contestants can follow the scores of their previous answers and all their participations during the holy month
6. In order to be a candidate to win every day, you must solve the three questions correctly
7. Make sure to write down the phone number correctly so that the winners can be contacted.
8. Three winners are chosen daily in an automated, random way.
9. The winners are announced daily through the company’s official Facebook page
10. The competition begins on the first day of the holy month
11. Prizes are delivered to the winners through the Marketing Department, where they are contacted by telephone
Preparing the competition, selecting the winners, and announcing them daily is done through the electronic portal administration
Prizes (daily)
- First prize (250 pounds)
- Second prize (150 pounds)
- Third prize (100 pounds)
- The best (10) participants who achieve the highest scores during the month will be honored (500 pounds) for each contestant.

With our wishes of success to all participants, God willing
Happy new year to you
Greetings from the Alexandria Drinking Water Company
Ramadan is the month of goodness
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