Alexandria Water participates in the Orphan’s Day celebration in Shallalat GardensMian/News/Alexandria Water participates in the Orphan’s Day celebration in Shallalat Gardens
Alexandria Water participates in the Orphan’s Day celebration in Shallalat Gardens

DATE:  2024-04-06 10:09:48 AM

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Alexandria Water participates in the Orphan Day celebration in Shallalat Gardens

The Alexandria Water Company, headed by Mr. Engineer Ahmed Gaber, participated in the celebration held by the General Authority for Cultural Palaces, headed by Mr. Ezzat Atwan, General Director of the Cultural Palaces in Alexandria.

The celebration, which was held in Shallalat Gardens, aims to put a smile on the faces of our orphan children and their families and make them feel the interest and care given to them by state agencies.

The celebration included the participation of the Awareness Department of the Alexandria Water Company in educational seminars on the importance of water and how to preserve it. It also participated in a number of interactive games, entertainment segments, competitions, cultural and artistic activities, theatrical segments, and drawing and coloring workshops, which added an atmosphere of happiness and joy to the faces of the children.

During his speech, Major General Hisham Lotfy, Chairman of the Regional Authority for the Promotion of Tourism and participating in the celebration, expressed his happiness at being among his children and sharing their joy. He also thanked all the attendees and those in charge of the ceremony for their attempt to draw joy and smiles on the faces of our children.

He added that affection and mercy can be a complete approach for Egyptians, and today we celebrate affection and mercy, as they are sufficient to advance our dear Egypt.

In his speech, Mr. Engineer Ahmed Jaber stressed the need to continue efforts to support and support orphans and bring joy to them, stressing the role of society in caring for our children who are orphans, integrating them into society, and providing a helping hand to them, as they are our children and we must take their hands and compensate them for what they lost, whether from father or mother to We get them to safety.

In the forefront of the attendees were:

- Mr. Major General Amr Ibrahim

Head of the Central Administration for Cleanliness and City Beautification.

- Mr. Brigadier General Ahmed Abdel Aziz

Bashayer Al-Khair security director in Karmouz.

- Mr. Mohamed Metwally

Director General of Islamic Antiquities in the Central Region

- Mr. Mohamed Khader Al-Halawani

Director of the General Administration of Central Parks.

- Mrs. Engineer/ Zainab Al-Sayed

Head of central district.