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The company’s participation in the World Environment Day celebration

DATE:  2019-06-20 11:53:34 AM

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Yesterday, Eng. Ahmed Gaber Shehata, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, and a delegation from the leaders of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company in the West Production and Distribution Sector, the Projects Sector, the General Administration of Board Affairs, the General Administration of Awareness, and the General Administration of Public Relations and Media participated in the celebration of World Environment Day. Dr. Hoda Mostafa, head of the agency, participated Environmental Affairs welcomed them and welcomed everyone to participate in such an event and to answer the invitation every year.
Engineer Ahmed Gaber pointed out that social responsibility is a national duty as it is a vital and effective phenomenon that supports the advancement of our Alexandrian society in a positive and noticeable way.
During an inspection tour of the College of Engineering and Science exhibitions in the celebration hall; "Jaber" showed great admiration for the students' creative ideas, as he contributed to supporting their ideas by adopting their innovations and benefiting from them to serve the Alexandria Drinking Water Company.
The celebration began with the Republican Anthem, then Dr. Hoda Mostafa delivered an opening speech in which she welcomed the attendees, including governorate leaders, university professors, and a group of senior leaders of the executive agencies and the National Council for Women in Alexandria.
Then everyone watched a presentation of the efforts of the Environmental Affairs Agency and a story that distinguished some companies that preserve the safety of the environment.
The celebration witnessed the honoring of effective leaders in the city of Alexandria, including Engineer Ahmed Gaber, who received a shield of appreciation for his distinguished efforts and constant efforts to preserve the safety of the environment.
Through a radio intervention, Jaber stated, stressing the keenness of the Alexandria Drinking Water Company to fully coordinate with the Environmental Affairs Agency in order to monitor the quality of water produced from the stations and to commit to applying all occupational safety and health rules in order to protect the areas adjacent to the stations from chlorine gas leaks and to commit to applying all International standards with the aim of further preserving environmental safety.
He pointed out the company's interest in spreading the culture of preserving environmental cleanliness by allocating three boxes for solid, liquid and organic waste and how to safely dispose of them in accordance with environmental requirements. His Excellency continued the dialogue about the company’s achievements in general, the company’s role in the Mahmoudiyah Axis development projects, and the preparations made to participate in the upcoming African Cup of Nations, wishing Egypt more progress and success under the wise senior political leadership.